Hermana, Resist #2

Hermana, Resist #2 / Half-Sized / $3 / 44 Pages / Noemi Martinez, PO Box 809, La Blanca, TX 78558 / noemi@chicanawriter.com /

Before receiving this zine, I really heard some great stuff about Hermana, Resist and Noemi. I even went as far to do a link exchange with Noemi and eir’s website, CS-Tiendita. However, when I actually read through the zine I was shocked about how intensely personal Noemi made it. While some of the journal entries in the zine are about the creation of the zine, a large portion of them include a get-together and skillshare that Noemi was planning, called Mujerfest 2002. Aside from that, much discussion is given to eir’s son, River, and eir’s metaphorical child, Noemi’s writing. The writing is incredibly vibrant, and seems to share a spirit with Life In A Glass House’s editor, Madison. Noemi is just farther along the path than Madison, but I really see a lot of similarities between the two zines. The great deal of poetry, typically something that I would avoid, is actually a good diversion from the other pieces, as we have something shocking with the selections of poetry that Noemi puts in: they are actually good! Most zines that I go through do end up having poetry, but about ninety percent of them have such a low quality of poetry that trying to go through them is a chore. Noemi is able to infuse humour, politics, and emotion into eir’s written work that actually makes me chuckle, or make me want to change not the world – it draws me in. And, I believe it will draw anyone who ends up reading the zine, as well. Pick it up.

Rating: 8.4/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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