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Award winning singer-songwriter-guitarist, Joe Calderone, has just released his self-written and self-produced CD, IT TOOK A WHILE. This album offers a diverse mix of pop rock, folk rock and pop mainstream filled with strong vocals and solid musicianship triggering universal appeal. Anyone who’s ever been in love, seeking love or has ever lost love should easily relate. Joe Calderone has been writing and performing music for over twenty five years. A self-schooled singer-songwriter-guitarist, Joe has performed in various clubs and venues in the New York Metropolitan area. He is a member of both the Songwriters Guild of America and the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. Among his many accomplishments, Joe is a 5-time winner in the American Song Festival.

It Took A While, Joe’s first CD, has been a long time coming. It features songs heavily focused on love relationships that offer straightforward lyrics, catchy melodies and some fine solid bottom. Together, these components achieve in expressing the emotions that Joe is attempting to convey – emotions of joy, sadness, gratitude and optimism that practically all of us have experienced. Accompanied by some excellent fellow musicians, Joe sings plays 12 string acoustic guitar and keyboards. This CD does have its mellow moments, but on the whole it is uplifting to the spirits. It rocks in a real smooth manner. Reviewer: RussellThis CD pulls me emotionally bigtime. What an incredibly smooth singer. The 12 string guitar sound is so super sweet too.

The music gives to the listener in every human way possible. Wow! I feel a lot of love coming from this guy. It also rocks with excellence. Right on! I need more of this stuff. Poignant, moving, sensitive. He has his hand on the pulse of what we all feelReviewer: P.DanielThis is a poignant and sensitive study of issues with which every one of us can relate at one or all points in our lives. It moves and soothes where it is supposed to soothe and rocks where it is supposed to rock. Joe’s emotions have been there and back and he has finally gotten around to singing to us about them. It’s about time! Reviewer: Mary AnnIt’s about time! Good clean music, with great lyrics. A great change to what we are used to. Thanks for “It took a While.” Available at

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