NeuFutur Magazine Introduces Petty Crux

These Brit pop rockers are ready to let the world in on what promises to be the next big moment in the history of Rock music. Watching them, you feel like you are in a dream. You aren’t sure whether to rock out, just close your eyes and sing along or stand and let the music take you. But even beyond the indulgence of a live show, their debut record, “Walking * Sleeping * Dreaming” is a rock album that dances in and out of delicate, atmospheric melodies and aggressive, powerful guitar drives.

What truly makes this band great is their mystic fusing of mind, body and soul into every aspect of their music. “Music builds our confidence. It heals our wounds and holds us together. Music is a way for the brain and soul to speak the same language.” The soul of their music comes from the soul of people, creating something very special between their music and the listener.

The Band has combined their styles and influences to create a truly dynamic and diverse sound which bleeds genuine emotion. “We’re inspired by life circumstances, love, change and the human spirit. Heartache is a big influence.” It’s this band’s ability to capture human emotions and translate it into accessible, intelligent rock and roll that makes them the lead candidate for “next big thing.” This Band has the makings of glory as they continue to fuse their rock foundation with new influences and progressive styles sure to create a loyal and enthusiastic fan base for years to come. Once this band hits it big, they’ll stay that way.

The Band won the Miami New Times Battle of the Bands in 2006 and was also featured on FIU Radio, which offered the band a whole hour of airtime. They have played every major venue in Miami and have opened for Universal Recording artist Seer. The group was featured on “Talent Quest” on television and was highlighted in Gumbo Teen Magazine. Two forthcoming releases have been announced: “Walking * Sleeping * Dreaming” (full-length) and “We The People” (EP). The group is currently working with A&R Select, the leading indie A&R firm in Hollywood, CA.


“Bold and engaging, This Band has superstar written all over.”  A&R Select

“A burst of Talent.” – Talent Quest, (Comcast Cable Channel 79)

“…nothing but a ball of energy that brings forth great music.” – Gumbo Teen Magazine

“… They Rival any good Brit Pop band coming out of the UK.” – American Indie Podcast (Episode 4)

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