NeuFutur Magazine Introduces Sham Pain

Sham Pain hits the streets with a HOT CD filled up with 17 blazing tracks which encompasses a plethora of topics and guaranteed club bangers mixed with clever punch lines and real life situations.

Still unbelievably, he is an unsigned artist but has managed to set up his own Record Label – gRock Records, Film Company – gRock Films, Publishing Company – Sham Pizzall Music (ASCAP), Production company – Beat U Up Ent. and a shoe company with a line of Sneakers called “Kashi Gators” (http://www.KashiGators)

Sham Pain has also made heavy hitting Mixtape remix collaborations on current Platinum selling recording artists tracks such as Timbaland, Mims, T-Pain and Fabolous joining each of them on thier Number One Platinum songs respectively (Unofficial Mixes). Sham Pain said he wanted to do this to showcase his style and the artistic level he is at right now in his entertainment career.

The album “7 Figga Pimpin” was recorded in Brooklyn and Atlanta and Sham Pain executes the East Coast swagger and Southern Hospitality treatment on every track successfully.

Originally from London (UK), he left in 1999 and parted for Dallas (USA) where he says it was a big culture shock but showed him how to do many new things with a smile on his face.

Moving consistently between Dallas and Atlanta for almost 8 years has really shaped this hot independent unsigned artist. The Southern influence is apparrent and very raw with a twist, that twist being he is from the UK but sounds like he is from the deep South. He said “.. the Southern swagger has really rubbed off on me in a natural and good way, this mixed with my UK & Nigerian/African roots I just can’t lose…”

Writing this album took alot off his chest and eased some pains at times as Sham Pain writes from his heart and lets the world know how he gets down. Tracks like “I Don’t Forgive”, “Hip Hop Cops” & “Permission” will raise many eyebrows. Sham Pain as always keeps it real, shrugs his shoulders gives the finger and says “.. I don’t give a f$ck! it is, what it is”.

“Hip Hop Cops” with it’s trench ridden church organs, heavy bass and orchestra brass section has received much adoration from rap fans alike from Alaska to Australia and everywhere else in between.

Every track on the album is a standout track and was written from the perspective it had to stand up by itself as a single release. All of the 17 tracks on the album are Club and Radio hits and fans will be spoilt for choice as too which ones they prefer.

Ladies will surely be drawn to Sham Pain especially after hearing the track “Independent Woman” where he acknowledges and proudly states what a woman should be and can be. “Mr. International” is a track where you will hear Sham Pain speak in 5 different languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian & Yoruba the native language of Nigeria). After listening to this track you will see Sham Pain is a well travelled individual, educated and very intelligent and even manages to praise Mr. Nelson Mandela on the track.

The track “Shake It Down” was written entirely in a Gentlemen’s Club in Atlanta within 30 minutes of Sham Pain entering and getting a lap dance! He added “…I have never been so inspired in my entire life!”. This track is surely going to be the new anthem of Gentlemen’s Clubs across the nation in a very short time.

Sham Pain hits the hot topic of interracial dating on the track “Let’s Roll” and lets you know that he has zero problems with dating women outside of his own race and states in the song “… if you got a problem with that go see God / but before that come and see my squad!” and go’s on to sing “God man man in his own image / don’t like that go f$ck a pigeon!”. This track has to be heard and has already been well received worldwide.

As a singer/songwriter it is evident that Sham Pain will break new grounds. Sham Pain went all out on this album speaking a lot of truths on very different topics. After hearing the album it will surprise many how diverse Sham Pain’s lyrical content and acute delivery is, he is on point on every track. Not afraid to touch sensitive matters many have steered away from or felt uneasy to display that much “heart” on a track, Sham Pain digs deep inside himself and spits out fire!

Sham Pain added “… It is clear my accent has “slightly” changed living in the USA for so long, but I made sure that I also wrote about UK situations, life and locations on several tracks.”

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Author: James McQuiston

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