Prosthetic Records signs CENTURY

Prosthetic Records is proud to announce the addition of Pennsylvania-based CENTURY to the label’s roster. Boasting a forward-thinking approach to heavy music, the band has already garnered critical praise from 2006’s ‘Faith and Failure’ and plans to release its latest effort, the concept-based ‘Black Ocean’ April 29 worldwide, and a day prior in Europe.


Currently being mastered by Kim Rosen at West West Side Music in New York, a completed version of the title track from ‘Black Ocean’ and the album’s cover art are available on CENTURY’s MySpace page ( Two years in the making, and with the pending release of ‘Black Ocean,’ CENTURY frontman Carson Slovak says, “Black Ocean is being released? On Prosthetic Records? Well that’s great!”


In conjunction with the release of Black Ocean, CENTURY is launching a special album website. The interactive full-flash site will feature exclusive content, including hidden features and a bonus track only accessible by solving a code found in the album’s artwork. The website will be officially launched April 28 along with the album’s release.




“Brace yourself for a rigorous metallic hardcore experience…you’ve got quite the monstrous hardcore potpourri on your hands. If you enjoy progressively tinged hardcore, Century is the band to check out, as they artfully tread the line between in the pit and left of center.”  -  Metal Maniacs


“A kin to their influences — Helmet, Cave in, and Snapcase, Century specializes in brutal metal with elements of hardcore thrown in Faith and Failure’ should connect with fans of underground metal that is far heavier than the majority of the supposed heavy music that has entered the mainstream.”  -


“The thing is with this record, despite residing clearly in a style that’s become common place, Century’s song writing is clearly outside the box, inventive and unpredictable as well as laden with a surprising amount of melodic depth. Overall Rating: 6/6″  -


“This record is a great example of modern hardcore, with some very slight metal influences. These songs pack a huge punch…The sense of melody on this record is subtle, but effective…a killer hardcore record.”  -


“Much like Burst and Buried inside, Century bring an atmospheric, textured, melodic, and even slightly progressive feel to their brand of metalcore. Keeping in mind that this is metalcore after all, you can expect plenty of thunderous breakdowns, fairly technical stop/start parts, etc. What sets Century apart is their inclusion of rock-based riffs, some light electronic segments, and a unique artistic vision.”  -

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