SiX Frontman Lauren Boquette (ex-Drown, Famous) Breaks Down New Album Lyrics Track By Track

New Album “Between the Warning and the War” Features Members of Suicidal Tendencies And Static-X

SiX frontman Lauren Boquette, formerly of alt-metal act DROWN and Famous who opened the Tattoo The Earth Festival for Slayer and Slipknot, has discussed his group’s recently released third album, “Between The Warning and the War”, and given the following track-by-track analysis of the album:

1.The Day I Died – In relationships you can try and try to make things right, but in the end sometimes that just isn’t enough. This song is about that end and when there’s no choice but to walk away. The old part of me that loved her had to die so that a new me and a new chapter of my life could be born. It is my rebirth out of a very turbulent time. Thanks to Tony Campos from Static X for playing bass on this one.

2. A Guide To Living Alone – Growing up the way I did, it’s really easy to feel alienated and alone in the world. I did feel that way for a very long time, but then I realized there are a lot of us out here and we are not alone. I wrote this one as sort of an anthem for the ones who understand.

3. The Beautiful Things – I was in a relationship for quite a few years that ended painfully. Unfortunately, when these things happen part of our love and our faith in love dies. This song is about the end of love.

4. Forgiveness – Once again a song about growing up the way I did. It sucked to go through, but it taught me about the dark and painful side of life. It bothered me for quite a while, but now I wear my “misfit” badge proudly and I know that’s all behind me now. We really can forgive, forget and move on, if we want to. Thanks to Mike Clark from Suicidal Tendencies for blessing this track with the sickest guitar solo modern metal has heard in a long time!

5. Perfect Life – A remake of a song I wrote in 2000 when I was doing the Famous project. We all seem to want more or wish we could be something or someone else. We don’t realize the power to do anything we want is in our own hands. Stop blaming anyone or making excuses for why your life isn’t what you want it to be. Just get off your ass and make it happen.

6. Inside Out – When you’ve held in enough, for long enough. When your inner voice comes out and you finally let them know what’s really on your mind.

7. Warning – Where I come from the underground music scene is a lifestyle not a trend. This song goes out to the bands and people that just jump on what’s popular because it’s the cool thing to do at the moment. Quit all the frontin’ people and just be who you are. Another song killed on bass by Tony Campos (Static X)

8. Broken Girl – I’ve known a lot of girls that have gone through a lot of intense and painful things, my own sister included. I’m tired of the most beautiful creatures on this earth turning to drugs, hatred and bitterness just to deal with the pain. This one goes out to the broken girls worldwide. You’ll be ok, just keep your head up.

9. Throwing Away the World – Reworked from an unreleased song that I originally wrote for my old band Drown. It’s about the willingness to detach from people whenever necessary.

10. Had Enough – Look around at the society we’ve created for ourselves, the title says it all,

11. Circles – I was living in Irvine, CA amongst the yuppies and track homes. I realized that in that world, people constantly run around in circles trying to impress and keep up with each other. It’s a weird way to live, but one day on the freeway a yuppie in a BMW looked at me driving our bands van as if he was better than me. I laughed at him, went home and wrote this song.

12. Just Outside Of Barstow – Barstow, CA is a town most people drive through on their way to Vegas. We discovered it to be a place to be full of amazing shows, great people and some strange characters. In a weird way it’s sort of our home away from home. This song is about living on the road as a touring band and the crazy life that comes with it.

13. 5AM – Late nights, beautiful girls, too much booze and a need to purify. Some people go to church; I find heaven in the darkness somewhere around 5am.


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