Strangers Die Every Day – Aperture For Departure

Strangers Die Every Day – Aperture For Departure / 2008 This Generation Tapes / 11 Tracks / /

Few acts can pull off an instrumental album and keep the attention of individuals through a full length album. Strangers Die Every Day do just that, and their “Aperture For Departure” is a disc that will keep individuals engrossed in the band for a good fifty minutes. The strings that start off the disc’s first track, “And The Blood Shall Spill” give a sorrowful, classically-leaning style to the track. When the drums kick in, a little martial influence places the track in some sort of anti-war sentiment. The great thing about this instrumental type of rock is that, save for the titles of the tracks, individuals are completely left in the dark about what the band is intending to do with the song.

Despite the fact that these tracks are instrumental, Strangers Die Every Day add a narrative component to each of the songs on “Aperture For Departure”. For example, the narrative components during the introductory track have to be the strings that wind their way through the entirety of the track. “And The Blood Shall Spill” is the second-longest track on the disc, and it is only the talent exhibited by Strangers Die Every Day that keeps individuals from turning off the disc or skipping to a later track. The title track (second in the disc’s lineup) continues the same string-heavy sound, but adds a little glimmer of hope to the overall sound. This happier sound has an earthiness and natural flavor to it that would match perfectly to footage of a nature hike or the like.

Beyond the linkages between tracks created by the band’s approach, there is a string threaded throughout “Aperture For Departure” in the three “Charcoal” tracks that are present in the later reaches of the album. With such a cohesive sound present, individuals have little choice but to take this album as a full body, rather than breaking the tracks into their constituent parts. Indie rock without vocals can work, and Strangers Die Every Day is an act that shows that statement to be a reality. Intricate, intense, and overall fun, “Aperture For Departure” is the perfect disc with which to zone. Pick up the disc and try to see the act live; I have no doubt that they will become bigger ass more individuals learn about what quality of music they have enclosed during their “Aperture For Departure”.

Top Tracks: Safer In The Ground, And The Blood Shall Spill

Rating: 7.8/10

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