Strawberry Shortcake: Big Country Fun

Strawberry Shortcake: Big Country Fun / 2008 Fox / 44 Minutes / /

When I was a child, I was familiar with Strawberry Shortcake but did not watch any of the shows or available materials. I was surprised when I received “Big Country Fun” in the mail, due to the fact that the character design was much different than it was about twenty years ago. The characters are renovated for the current period, ensuring that contemporary youth will be those that want to watch the film. The special features on this DVD make it possible that the disc will remain in family’s DVD players, instead of being strewn to the side like so many other things.

This means that the video for “On The Road” will get a number of plays, but that the DVD-Rom printable coloring book that is present will ensure hours of fun beyond this DVD. The story behind “Big Country Fun” is that Strawberry and eir friends have gotten together to take a sort of a holiday in the “West” of their own domain, adorning themselves with color-matching cow-person outfits and matching ponies. Strawberry and eir friend Angel Cake even become gainfully employed – taking on positions at the Berry Prairie Dude Ranch. The dramatic tension of the film comes in the struggle that these two “former” friends have to procure their place as “Best Ranch Hand”. The film itself gives viewers lessons to follow as well – working together and humility will be two things that viewers will easily pick up, just in this first part of the film.

The second act starts up with both friends working together to oppose the Purple Pie Man, whose Machiavellian plans directly involve the Carmel Corn farm. Instead of working with the farm to ensure equal profits, the Purple Pie Man goes into Gordon Gecko mode to create eir own amusement park – Pie Man Land. In a story that is reminiscent of Bikini Car Wash 2, Strawberry Shortcake and friends band together to raise funds to ensure that their favorite farm is saved. Everything works out well at the end, ensuring that individuals will be able to remain in good spirits even after the DVD spins to a close. If you grew up with Strawberry Shortcake or wish to bring the morals of Strawberry to your children or relations, pick up “Big Country Fun”. There is a tremendous amount of things to do on this DVD, ensuring that any cost incurred is well worth it.

Rating: 7.3/10


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