Swedish troubador Tobias Froberg takes to the road with Peter (of Peter, Bjornand John) this spring

Swedish artist Tobias Froberg has recently spent his time hangingout with friends. Not only did he log production duties the forthcomingoffering from Peter Moren- the Peter of Peter, Bjornand John but he spent some time working on his own, third releaseTurn Heads Now. His new album features agaggle of his mates including Peter, Norwegian chanteuse Ane Brun, theheavenly Brit singer songwriter Kathryn Williams, the troubadorTietur, Existensminumum and Torbjörn Zetterberg (Folke). He evenmade it a family affair, working with his father, jazz musician AnteFröberg.

WASHINGTONPOST – “The album, Froberg’s second, is certainlycompatible with the work of other contemporary neo-folkies, but italso shows the strong influence of a veteran: PaulSimon.”

THE ONION– “…while [Jose] González favors the mysticalacoustica of Nick Drake and David Crosby, Fröberg is more intoSimon & Garfunkel and Belle And Sebastian…. melodies and lyricsfollow models of classicism and romanticism. But in this context, given just enough lo-fi scuff, they sound more beguilingly elusive, likehalf-remembered dreams of times past.”

UNDER THERADAR – “delicately performed folk-pop ditties… filebetween your Cat Stevens and Beach Boy records.

THE WORD (UK)– “I’m honestly starting to think it might be one of thegreatest records ever made. I am!!”

PASTE –“For fans of: Paul Simon, Sondre Lerche, DamienRice”

“just behind a brickwall” featuring PeterMoren

Although Froberg invites his buddies alongto create music has albums had his personal finger prints all over them.His first two releases, For Elisabeth Wherever She Is (2004) and Somewhere In the City (2006) are both self produced. Both records aremuch loved all over the globe, while Elisabeth was nominated for a SwedishIndie Grammy.

But being a rennasance man, not only doesTobias play produce and play on his records, he is the dummer for the bandBoulevard of Broken Bones AND is a writer. He is, amongst other things, oneof the very, very few who got to meet and interview movie director IngmarBergman, for a book.

4/21, New York, NY (MercuryLounge)
4/22, Cambridge, MA (Middle EastUpstairs)
4/23, Montreal, QC (Cabaret duMusée Juste Pour Rire)
4/24, Toronto, ON (The Mod Club)
4/25, Columbus, OH (WexnerCenter)
4/26, Chicago, IL (Schubas)
4/28, Vancouver, BC (BiltmoreCabaret)
4/29, Seattle, WA (The TripleDoor)
4/30, Portland, OR (Doug FirLounge)
5/1, San Francisco, CA (Swedish AmericanHall)
5/2, Los Angeles, CA (The HotelCafe)
5/3, West Hollywood, CA(Troubadour)

Track Listing

1 Blissful
2 She is becoming her motheragain
3 Slipping under the radar
4 Just behind a brickwall (feat. PeterMoren)
5 Take it easy (feat. KathrynWilliams)
6 Landing
7 You are
8 Tomorrow (feat. Ana Brun)
9 Miles to go
10 Delicate dance of ghosts
11 Turn heads
12 Grace (live in SanCapistrano)

More Press Love for Tobias…

ILLINOISENTERTAINER – “Swede singer-songwriter Tobias Frobergchannels Paul Simon and Sondre Lerche on his cheery debut. Even onthe heartbroken Gram/Emmylou-styled duet “Love AndMisery” with Ane Brun, Froberg’s smile is unshakable, agolden reverbration punctuating the air.”

AMPLIFIER – “… there’s enoughtension between the joy of the music and the gravity of the messageto warrant nods towards Paul Simon (God’s Highway, the title track), Ron Sexsmith “(What a Day”), Ray Davies(“Someone”) maybe even a tough of Donovan (“Loveand Misery”)…”

HIGH BIAS– “Tobias Fröberg already has a rep for being the nextSwedish breakout singer/songwriter a la José Gonzaléz.Fröberg’s work is as pretty as that of his better-knowncompatriot, but it’s earthier and more soulful.Recommended.”

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