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I really didn’t know what to expect from “Please Mr. Boom Box”, but after hearing it, I would have to say that The Lady Tigra will be the next big rap thing. This means that “I’m Back” plays on the styles of rappers like Lil’ Mama, Gravy Train, and even Fergie. The backing style of the instrumentation links together the mod scene of the sixties, disco, electronic music, and the current dance scene into something special. “They Stole My Radio” (which features MC Lyte) is a track that will undoubtedly break it big; the calling out of current rappers, coupled with a very Missy Elliott-sounding Lyte flow, will be played by any DJ that wishes to increase eir cool quotient. 

“Bass on the Bottom” is a track that divorces itself from the rest of current rap and R&B; the late eighties sound of the track screams “fresh” through The Lady Tigra’s more than capable flow. The stop-start sound of the title track is the weakest point on the album; there are pregnant pauses that do not lead to anything, while the stilted delivery of The Lady Tigra during this track does not increase this disc’s stock in any sense. “Cauchcmars” is the next track, and the French-language (for the most part) track adds a different flair to the disc. The drum and bass sound of the backing beat adds to this different sound, and while this track is nowhere near as catchy as “They Stole My Radio”, it is interesting in its own right.

The Lady Tigra comes back in a hell of a way with “Switchblade Kitty”. The track is endearing in much the same way as “Flossy” or “Milkshake”. However, the instrumentation here works even better than those lines in the aforementioned tracks; the Nintendo-esque sound of “Switchblade Kitty” adds to The Lady Tigra’s flair like no other. “Sad Day Song” starts out slowly, but gradually grows on individuals as The Lady Tigra takes on 1995-era TLC. The funky sound of the track moves into “Amelie”-type fancy before going back to a more traditional rap style. The Lady Tigra should be the next big female rapper. As the review said at the beginning, The Lady Tigra could easily sneak in where Fergie, Lil Mama, and Gravy Train all reside.  If you like your rap fun and looking towards the eighties, rather than the pseudo-gritty street style that is all the rage, pick up “Please Mr. Book Box”.

Top Tracks: DNA/Love TO Me, Bass On The Bottom

Rating: 7.5/10

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