Triple H: The King of Kings

Triple H: The King of Kings / 2008 WWE / 360 Minutes / /

Anyone that has watched WWE programming in the last 12 years or so has seen Triple H in one form or another. Whether it was as the snooty blueblood Hunter Heartst Helmsley, the anti-authority DX member, or the ultimately-dominant “King of Kings”, Helmsley has been a major part of WWE storylines since eir debut. Since Triple H has been such a major part of the WWE, it seemed to be time that ey got a retrospective documentary of eir career. There are twelve matches that span Triple H’s career, from the King of the Ring final match against Mankind (6/8/97) all the way to the Triple Threat match between Triple H, Edge, and John Cena that showcased 2006’s iteration of Backlash.

There are matches that may not necessarily be the most remembered of matches (such as 1996’s Intercontinental Title against Marc Mero and 1995’s Hog Pen Match against Henry O. Godwinn), but they provide some insight into the evolution of the future Evolution member. The most interesting match-related addition to “The King of Kings” has to be the inclusion of Triple H’s first professional match, a 1992 affair that pitted Terra Ryzing (Triple H’s first gimmick) against Flying Tony Ross (who?).

The commentary, like the matches, is split over both discs. The first disc really seems to show how Triple H became one of the best known and most popular wrestlers in WWE history, while the second disc shows how Triple H has been able to continually achieve career accolades that only a few WWE Superstars have been able to receive. The inclusion of “lesser” matches, especially one like the Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. John Crystal (1995 Raw match), ensures that footage will not be lost to the sands of time. Sure, there may be more famous matches left off, but they are present on other WWE DVDs. If you are a fan of Triple H, make sure to purchase this DVD. There is just so much footage here, whether it be in interviews or in matches, that individuals will be able to see every minor nuance of the wrestler, father, and (soon to be) actor. Give the disc a go, and then watch Wrestlemania (considering it is only a few short weeks away).

Rating: 8.0/10


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