Wildildlife Tours, Kills Radio Dead

Beginning today, San Fran’s ultra-eclectic and unclassifiable avant-face melting trio Wildildlife hit the road for a month of raging and pillaging. Get some, or don’t, and regret it later….

03/26/2008 Danger Danger Gallery – Philadelphia, PA w/Birds of Maya, VBS

03/27/2008 live on WFMU – Hoboken, NJ

03/27/2008 Death By Audio – Brooklyn, NY w/Maw

03/28/2008 AS220 – Providence, RI w/Blue Shift

03/29/2008 Oxfam – Cambridge, MA w/Red Friends, Ho-Ag, Ganja

03/30/2008 Cake Shop – New York, NY w/Shellshag, Pharmacy

04/02/2008 Heartofgold – Chicago, IL w/Ladykiller

04/04/2008 Echo Base – Milwaukee, WI Col w/Father Phoenix, Novel

04/05/2008 a secret location – Minneapolis, MN

04/07/2008 Apop/Campconcentration – St. Louis, MO

04/08/2008 Eastside Tavern – Columbia, MO w/Jerusalem, The Starbaskets

04/10/2008 Rhinoceropolis – Denver, CO

04/11/2008 Red Light Books – Salt Lake City, UT

04/12/2008 Neurolux Boise, ID w/Pussygutt

04/15/2008 YMCA – Seattle, WA w/Cohran, HGR

04/16/2008 Rotture – Portland, OR w/Silentist, Chromewings

“…there’s something charming about how homemade it all sounds – if not otherworldly, then at least coming from another room full of awesome drugs, vocals muffled by fuzz and reverb.” – Decibel

“Toeing the line between cunning and codswallop, Wildildlife’s music is best illustrated by the mosaic skull on their album cover: spooky, crazily colourful and inviting inquiries.” – Exclaim!

“So delirious, so mentally challenging, so addictive, so dangerous…this should be illegal.” – Lords of Metal 

“What helps Wildidlife rise above other bands with similar agendas who end up filling their diapers with pretension is their humor and sense of the moment.” – Music Emissions

“Six finds common ground (i.e. copious amounts of drugs) among the hippies, metalheads, and shoegazers. Leave genre purity to those straight-edge tightwads.” – Prefix




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