Putumayo Presents – African Party

Putumayo Presents – African Party / 2008 Putumayo / 10 Tracks / http://www.putumayo.com /

First, I still love the fact that Putumayo comes out with these compilations, covering a number of different genres and geographies with each subsequent releases. However, I have a little bit of a problem when it comes to the name “African Party” for this album.  Africa is a huge and diverse continent, and a number of discs could be released, whether one wants to just break Africa into regions (North, East, Central, West, and South) or into various languages (Francophone, Anglophone) or even into different ethnicities (Wolof, Hutu, etc). To have the title of the disc be “African Party” and only have 10 tracks on the disc makes it seem as if Africa can be reduced to one general element, instead of a number of different lands. Still, the music that is contained on “African Party” is catchy in its own right, and the acts present should not be punished for Putumayo’s decision here. The disc starts off with Sekouba Bambino’s “Famou”, from Guinea. The track has a very vibrant set of vocals and horns, which create a traditional approach to dance that will get individuals up and on the floor. Continue reading “Putumayo Presents – African Party”

Music video of Fern Knight at home in Fishtown; 3rd album coming


Fern Knight is the eponymous third full-length release from this fixture on North Philadelphia’s internationally renowned musical community. As the primary cover for Margaret Wienk’s singing and songwriting, this record fully unleashes her style of melding acoustic and electronic sounds, her careful orchestration alongside the improvisational strengths of the quartet, well-placed strings and crystalline vocals. Displaying her classical roots and psychedelic leanings,Fern Knight will be released into the world by the VHF label late Spring 2008. I’m including a link to a live performance of them in their natural habitat, the Philly compound inhabited by members of Espers, Ex Reverie, Golden ball and frequented by just about all the folks on the Philadelphia avant-folk music scene. Continue reading “Music video of Fern Knight at home in Fishtown; 3rd album coming”

Nobody Can Eat 50 Eggs #25

Nobody Can Eat 50 Eggs #25 / $? / 20M / eat_50_eggs@hotmail.com / http://www.myspace.com/eat50eggs /

Nobody Can Eat 50 Eggs is largely a comic zine. There is one opiece in this issue that is a text-heavy chunk of writing (“How to be a Mad Scientist”), but by and large everything is dealt with in a comic format. The style in which these comics are created is very sixties and seventies MAD-like (Sergio Aragones? I don’t have any issues of MAD floating around here). For those individuals that might be sight handicapped, everything in this issue of the zine is quite large, from the characters in the comics to their text bubbles. The largeness of the constituent pieces in this issue means that there is not too terribly much in the way of material for this issue. However, what is present is fun to read, whether it is poking fun at real life experience (“Check Out Lady”) or going completely over the top into a fantasy land (the aforementioned “How To Be A Mad Scientist”). There is a type of Where’s Waldo meets “spot the differences” in the “Find Page” spread in the middle of this issue; the things to be found are deftly put in the picture, so that finding all the items is quite the challenge. “Do You Know The Way to Amersham?” is the one piece I’d like to see more of in future issues; it is five pages here but there just is a lot more story to tell that the creator just does not get to this time. E-mail the editor and pick this up!

Rating: 7.0/10

10 Years Selected to Be CCR’s Featured Rock/Alt Artist

10 Years has been selected as Clear Channel Radio’s Featured Rock/Alternative Artist for April!  Fans can get an early preview of five tracks off their new album Division, which hits stores on May 13th.  Division is the follow-up to 2005’s break out record, The Autumn Effect and its number one single “Wasteland.”  Check out their current hit “Beautiful,” as well as “Actions and Motives,” “Dying Youth,” “Just Can’t Win,” and “Picture Perfect (In Your Eyes)” here.     Continue reading “10 Years Selected to Be CCR’s Featured Rock/Alt Artist”


Fortysomething / 2008 Acorn Media / 293 Minutes / http://www.acornmedia.com /

Obviously, individuals know Hugh Laurie from the hit show House M.D.. They may also remember Anna Chancellor from Four Weddings and A Funeral and (just-reviewed on NeuFutur) Suburban Shootout. If they are particulary well-versed in British novels, they may also know that the show was adapted from of the novel of the same name, written by Nigel Williams (“The Wimbledon Trilogy, Scenes From A Poisoner’s Life, Hatchett & Lycett). Unlike House, Fortysomething is firmly rooted in the comedy genre. The comedy in this show is realistically-based, though, which makes this series something that many more individuals can identify with. Continue reading “Fortysomething”

Lovely Ugly Cruel World #2 1/2

Lovely Ugly Cruel World #2 1/2 / Fourth-Sized / 1 Full-Sized Page / http://www.lunar-circuitry.net/cruel_world / AR@lunar-circuitry.net / 

While I have in the past received and reviewed issues of Lovely Ugly Cruel World, as well as had some very favorable reviews given to my zine, NeuFutur, by AR, the creator of the comic, this is just a half-issue. While this is still the same style one can expect from AR, there is only one joke, one issue, one anything to this issue owing much to the extremely small size of this issue. While I am not sure why AR decided to do an issue this size and this length, chances are that eir just had to put something else, or felt bad and decided to sate eir’s friend. Still, one might want to check and see if that is realy the reason why ey did it, but even with this short issue, the societal implications of the one page of art are more than proper to write a decent-sized review with. Let me set you up with the situation in the comic : two characters are discussing the problems of mTV, and one finally inquires why they are still watching mTV, and the most laconic and dead-pan answer is given by the other charcter. While I will not divulge the entire point of the comic, I would suggest that you kick in a few bucks to AR, and eir will go and make up a nice little grab bag of whatever back issues ey has around. Delightful, as usual – the best comic zine that is still done in a smaller-scale type of way.

Rating: 6.4/10

The Dear Hunter go back on the road this spring as main support for The Fall Of Troy

The tour wraps up May 24th in Seattle.


The Dear Hunter began its life as one man’s idea. Conceived in late 2003 and gestated until the winter of 2004, Casey Crescenzo of The Dear Hunter set out to do something simple: create pure, heartfelt music that he alone set the boundaries for. The Dear Hunter recently released the critically acclaimed  Act II: The Meaning Of, & All Things Regarding Ms. Leading on Triple Crown Records. Continue reading “The Dear Hunter go back on the road this spring as main support for The Fall Of Troy”

Walt Disney Classic Caballeros Collection: Saludos Amigos / The Three Caballeros

Walt Disney Classic Caballeros Collection: Saludos Amigos / The Three Caballeros / 2008 Disney / 113 Minutes / http://www.disneydvd.com /

It seems as if Disney has tried to tap other markets in the last fifteen to twenty years. This means that there was a specific ploy for individuals in the Middle East with a movie like Aladdin, the Chinese for Mulan, and of course, the Atlanteans for The Little Mermaid. I’m kidding about the last one, but the “Classic Cabelleros Collection” is a great way to involve the Spanish-Speaking and Latino/a markets. This is due to the fact that there are Spanish language tracks and subtitles available during both of these films (for what it’s worth, there are also subtitles and language tracks in French). Continue reading “Walt Disney Classic Caballeros Collection: Saludos Amigos / The Three Caballeros”