Al Rose – My First Posthumous Release

Al Rose – My First Posthumous Release / 2008 Monkey Holding Peach / 13 Tracks / /

Al Rose has been around for quite a few years. “My First Posthumous Release” is his fifth CD, and the first release for Rose since 2003’s “Gravity of Crow”. The five years in between the release of these albums ensures that each of the compositions on this album are mature as all get out. The folksy, bluesy sound of Rose during tracks like “Down The Mississippi” is solid enough to ensure the widest possible fan base for the compositions on this album. Rose is talented enough that he can put forth a nearly-five minute track at the opening of the album, without losing anything in the way of listeners.

In fact, the momentum created during this introductory track ensures that listeners stick through the titular second track on the disc. Rose’s vocals on “My First Posthumous Release” are a blend of Warren Zevon, Bob Dylan, and Elvis Costello. The punchy, hard-hitting instrumentation on these tracks is easily equivalent in quality to that on a “Joe’s Garage” or other modern classic. “I’m Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone” is the first slow, sorrowful track on the album. The inclusion of this track at the early section of the disc ensures that Rose does not paint himself in a corner; no one will know exactly what Rose will do on each of the following ten tracks on the disc.  

“All The Trains Are Gone” brings Rose again to the realm of Warren Zevon’s nuanced style of rock. Where Zevon struggled to try to make his tracks germane to all people, Rose takes the next step forward and is able to put forth an honest spin onto the track. “The Miracle of Pain” goes back to a slower approach, and for the first time on “My First Posthumous Release”, the instrumentation on the disc takes the focal point away from the vocals. This shift in the sound on Rose’s disc ensures that listeners continue to stick with the album, and may even bring more converts to Rose’s camp. The strength of each track on “My First Posthumous Release” is enough to make me want to purchase each of the previous albums by Rose. If you are around any of those locales where Rose plays, make a sojourn to see him. I can guarantee you will like his music.

Top Tracks: Guilty Pleasure, Ruby Shade

Rating: 7.5/10

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