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Bachelor Party is a 1984 film that featured a young Tom Hanks, where Rick Gassko, a party animal, decides to actually settle down and marry eir girlfriend Debbie Thompson (Tawny Kitaen). As one can guess from the title, Rick’s friends decide to throw Rick one last party. Debbie, the insecure wife, believes that Rick cheats on eir, so the rest of the movie is one long plan to catch eir philandering. Bachelor Party 2 is the sequel to that film in number only; in a number of senses, it is a remake of the original film. Sequels can be better; Star Trek 2 was better than Star Trek 1, while Army of Darkness was better than either Evil Dead 1 or 2.

Where the original Bachelor Party had a gonzo feel to it (the druggie horse really helped play into that role), Bachelor Party 2 has more of an Old School meets American Pie vibe. That statement is not intended to be a negative; popular comedy styles change, and it makes sense for Ron Moler (producer) to attempt to capture the spirit of the times, rather than make a movie that is hard to approach for the younger set. While Harland Williams is an accomplished actor, it is really the work done by Greg Pitts and Josh Cooke that seal this movie up. Sure, there is a lot of gross-out humor present, but much of this gross-out humor is based on things that could conceivably happen.

While some of the scenes in the copious deleted reels may be a little bit beyond what most individuals are capable of, the film succeeds because it is so closely modeled on real life. Instead of the film’s commentary being merely about the shooting of the scenes and the broader social context in which the film is said to take place, the commentary here is as ribald and as laugh out loud funny as anything that was present in the film itself. By far, even beyond the movie, the “Analysis of a Stripper Fight” feature is the funniest thing on the DVD. In what is something that is completely devoid of high-brow content, the inclusion of the discussion (the “analysis”) is so over the top that it just kills. Bachelor Party 2 increases the hilarity well beyond what the first one did; it is the perfect film just to bring some buddies over, drink with, and just crack up over. Pick it up.

Rating: 8.0/10

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