Coco B’s- RCRD LBL Releases, LA’s KROQ jumps on board, SOLD out shows, Half Tiger remixes

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LA Times Top 10 Buzz Bands of 2007

“… In thrall to the likes of The Replacements, The Lemonheads, The Byrds and even Dylan. Man, we love that shit. Why? Because there’s only a few months ’til summer. That means a lot time smoking spliffs in parks, and thanks to this, there’s more material for our “Now That’s What I Call Smoking Spliffs in Parks” cassette mix…….. the likes of “Daytrader” and “Hot Pantz” are perfect slices of dashing, adorable indie pop. Skin up, then…….”

Who are the CoCo B’s?
Hot-fuzzy late nights in a downtown California auto parts warehouse writing & recording odes to city-pop-queens. Mariachi music & car engines end up on recordings while the boom boom radios ghetto blastin’ Drake & the Boys. Fluttering melodies with tambourines & handclaps live in small spaces on lofty TV couches, The Modern Lovers, the Daytraders……..

Modern Lover

More Press Love:

“Hailing from the outskirts of musically saturated Orange County, Coco B’s have made a name for themselves by revisiting the sounds of the Replacements, R.E.M., and other early 90’s tastemakers. The demo sent to NME in early May received “Demo of the Week” honors while Popmatters called their Firehawks and Dirtybirds EP some of the best music that’s ever been released, period. With Alex Newport (Two Gallants, Sepultura) on production detail, expect a splash of tidal wave proportions from these up-and-comers.”

3 Hive
“Sounds like the band has pulled out all the stops. Compared to the small, hushed strains of “Big Okie Dokie,” their new songs, like “Modern Lover,” are built to rock The Pond without losing their uber-indie cred. Kevin’s vocals are the American, sweeter, less monotone version of Mark E. Smith-which, ironically, make them sound nothing like Mark E. Smith if that makes sense. Gentler than The Replacements, less drugged out than The Lemonheads, CoCo B’s wear their fuzzed-out pop anthems on their sleeves…..”

“…. Coco B’s… now that is a great night of music!”

Coco B’s BIO
In between the quiet suburban landscapes of track homes, mini-malls and the mean streets of Southern California, you’ll find the CoCo B’s. With the seal of approval by early bloggers and music writers alike – the CoCo B’s blend a barrage of distorted guitars and foot stomping beats with unforgettable melodies. The CoCo B’s put out a self released EP last year and most recently a split CD with neighbors Eskimohunter. Coco B’s self-titled debut album is a collection of catchy fuzz-pop anthems .

The CoCo B’s:
k.castlillo. vox. zookeeper. guitar.
bob. drums. complaints. referee whistle.
jeff. bass. bgv’s. technicalities.
joe. lead ax. troublemaker.

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