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Conchita’s Collective – So It Goes / 2008 Self / 7 Tracks / /

Conchita’s Collective plays a style of pop music that draws heavily on the dominant styles of the late nineties. It is not a surprise ten that “Just Time” is a track that slowly slinks around, sunny in disposition, while the vocals touch slightly at an early Nelly Furtado type of sound. The energy picks up slightly during the chorus, but individuals should categorize what Conchita’s Collective is doing here in the same vein of SWV or Brandy. The styles that are approached during “Runaway Day” are much of the same that were first broached during “Just Time”. While each of these early tracks are strong in their own right, it seems as if a quicker tempo and a more contemporary sound is what is needed for Conchita’s Collective to conceivably achieve the level of fame that they deserve.

This is the direction that Conchita’s Collective does not take during “their “For Tonight”. Where the disc was relatively slow during both “Just Time” and “Runaway Day”, the molasses-slow approach of “For Tonight” will keep individuals from sticking with the album. There is “One Chance” for Conchita’s Collective after “For Tonight” in “One Chance To Say”, and the song does not do what it needs to do to really make “So It Goes” into an album (or an EP) that individuals need to pick up. Sure, the vocal style that is present is solid in its own right, but there is little else in regards to the instrumentation or the production values that would make individuals pick up a copy of this album. Keep listening to what Conchita’s Collective has in the pipeline, but there is little reason to pick up “So It Goes” at this juncture.

Top Track: One Chance To Say

Rating: 3.3/10

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