Courtney Gains and REALUFILMS presents THE REAL DEAL

Hollywood has always worn a mask of illusion, and never has that been so literal as in The Real Deal – an upcoming series of shorts coming from REAL U Films, created in cooperation with REAL U Masks, the world’s leading manufacturer of realistic Silicone Special Effects Masks – used in films, haunted houses, and sought out by enthusiasts from around the Globe. The reclusive manufacturer will make a big noise later this year when they will be releasing a series of promotional short films featuring their new line of “realistic” masks.

REAL U has also recruited the talents of horror icon and character actor extraordinaire Courtney Gains (also an accomplished producer and acting coach), best known for his role as Malachi in the Stephen King horror classic Children of the Corn, as well as appearances in blockbuster films like Halloween, Back to the Future, Memphis Belle, Colors, Can’t Buy Me Love, and the cult classic Hardbodies, who will be producing and starring in the shorts.

About the series the tight-lipped Gains had this to say. ” I don’t want to give too much away, but it will definitely be something people won’t expect. That’s really what we’re going for, and I think with REAL U involved we can definitely achieve that. These masks are so incredibly life-like that you really wouldn’t believe it. We’ve assembled a really great team, and I’m really excited about this project and hopefully everyone else will be too.”

The shorts will also feature a selection of music from independent Hard Rock label Corporate Punishment Records.

The first of the series of 5 shorts entitled will be released on the internet via viral video sites April 1, 2008, with one film being released each week through 4/29, when the full film will be made available online, as well as submitted to several major short film festivals.You can view the film on REAL U’s YOUTUBE site at

About REAL U Masks:
From REALUMASKS.COM: REAL U masks are extremely high quality wearable masks made from state-of-the-art silicone and designed to conform to your own face. Our silicone masks are very unique and are an industry first. REAL U masks invented, designed, and introduced the first-ever silicone masks.
Unlike foam latex or slip latex masks, our silicone masks look and behave like real flesh and muscle. Each Halloween mask is handcrafted individually with a meticulous eye for detail. The sculpting and coloring is created to add ultra-high realism to each hand crafted mask. REAL U Masks are the choice for professionals and used in haunted houses all over the world! Take your Halloween Costume to another level! Once you experience the quality and realism of REAL U silicone masks you’ll put your latex masks in the closet.

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