Crosby Loggins Selected To Participate on “Rock The Cradle”


MTV has selected singer-songwriter Crosby Loggins, son of pop rock legend Kenny Loggins,  to participate in the MTV’s newest reality music competition, “ROCK THE CRADLE which premiers on April 3rd and will feature the talented offspring of music industry stars.  They will face off each week by performing live in front of a studio audience.  While the participants will be critiqued by a panel of judges, the television audience will decide, week by week, who will and who will not return. Rock the Cradle  is the result of MTV  teaming up with the producers of American Idol.

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Singer-songwriter and guitarist Crosby Loggins has been around music his entire life, and has been making it almost as long. His songs flow in a wave of soulful vocals and seamless musicianship and always hit their emotional mark. This authenticity, combined with his innate sense of when to let the music be graceful and spare and when to propel it powerfully forward, is Loggins’ artistic signature.


The name has a ring of familiarity, pointing to his legacy as the eldest son of GRAMMYR-winning pop/rock/soundtrack legend Kenny Loggins. Growing up in Santa Barbara, Crosby had the opportunity to first experience music through an extraordinary circle of artists that included Jackson Browne, Graham Nash, Michael McDonald and Glen Phillips (Toad The Wet Sprocket), among others. “I always loved being around them,” says Crosby, “but dad was just dad. It was the other musicians who were a huge deal to me. I respected and admired them so much, even though I had no real concept of their celebrity at that age.”


We All Go Home, the debut album from Crosby Loggins and The Light, is an eloquent statement of Loggins’ emerging vision. Featuring Crosby on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, the disc’s 12 songs also spotlight a stellar group of musicians he met through the creatively rich music scenes in Ojai and Ventura, California. Their musical and vocal synergy inspires his work, creating a timeless appeal and a genre-skipping sensibility that intersect effortlessly.


Crosby co-produced We All Go Home with multi-instrumentalist Jesse Siebenberg, who is featured on electric and acoustic guitars, lap steel, dobro, percussion and more. Something of a prodigy, Jesse has played stadium shows with Supertramp (his father is the group’s drummer, Bob Siebenberg) since he was 16. In the more intimate atmosphere of Loggins’ music his talents shine. Paul Cartwright’s virtuoso string playing expands the music’s boundaries. His roots in Bakersfield, California led Loggins to drummer Jared Pope, bassist Forest Williams and keyboardist Dennis Hamm, who anchored Bakersfield’s funk-fusion phenomenon Mother Funk Conspiracy. They round out The Light’s line-up.


Stand-out tracks include the searching album opener “Good Enough,” which Crosby originally penned alone and later reinvigorated with the help of Siebenberg and Hamm and the infectiously hooked “Always Catching Up,” a favorite of Crosby’s written with his sister, Bella. “Angel of Mercy” is layered with the hushed soul and confessional narrative of an early Jackson Browne song.


Other highlights include the title track, a number whose soulful lyrics and lilting, gospel-inflected melody make it hard to believe Crosby wrote it when he was 18. On other ranges of the spectrum, the dense, rhythmic “Wanna Be You” puts the Mother Funk alums front and center and “March On, America” lends an activist voice and quiet patriotism to Loggins’ thoughtful body of work. The Siebenberg penned “Here She Comes” bears a resemblance to the buoyant pop flow of Marshall Crenshaw. The album closer, “Same Old Song (La, La, La)” is a testament to Loggins’ naturally elegant less-is-more inclinations.


We All Go Home is the first new artist release to come out on the label arm of J&R Adventures, the entertainment company that rock-blues star/guitar virtuoso Joe Bonamassa formed with his longtime manager and business partner Roy Weisman. Joe and Roy’s vision for the company is to build a family of authentic performing artists in the spirit of Motown’s early years, but across diverse genres with artistic integrity as the unifying thread. They saw Crosby Loggins as an ideal fit for J&R’s growth. He will tour extensively with Joe this year opening shows with a solo acoustic set.


Crosby recalls when he and Joe first met on the road in 2007 and launched into conversations that touched on various music icons including producer, Tom Dowd. The mention of this industry legend helped reveal the depths of their like-minded passions and sensibilities. “Immediately”, said Crosby, “we connected on all kinds of performers that were important to us, and what music really means to us. It was a perfect match.” The release of Loggins’ debut album, We All Go Home, continues this artistic dialogue.

Crosby Loggins will play over one hundred dates with Bonamassa in the U.S. and Europe through early 2008. He will also begin touring as a headliner, including dates with his band The Light.




It’s time to Rock the Cradle! Yeah, we’re searching for the next superstar, but this isn’t your average, every day singing competition. We’re shining the spotlight on children of rock stars to see who has what it takes to step out of the parental shadow and fulfill their DNA destiny. ‘Cause, really, isn’t everything better when celebrities are involved?

Nine superstars in the making will step up to the mic to Rock the Cradle and prove they have what it takes to become the rock stars they were meant to be. They’ve got talent running through their veins, but can they put it to good use and make their dreams come true?

Every week the contestants will take the stage and give it their all — and every week one of them will be sent packing. But that’s not the only drama that’s gonna go down. We’ll also show you what it’s like to have a rock star mom or dad, and it’s not as glamorous as you’d think.

But, wait, who are these rock star kids? Well, you’ll get to know Chloe Rose Lattanzi, whose mother, Olivia Newton-John, sang her heart out in Grease. You’ll learn why Crosby Loggins, Kenny Loggins’ kid, thinks his dad is “just a dad.” Walk a mile in the shoes of Jesse Money, rocker Eddie Money’s daughter. Bang your head with Jesse Snider, seed of heavy metal icon Dee Snider. Chill with Lil B. Sure!, who, of course, is R&B singer Al B. Sure!’s son. Landon Brown, son of singer and perennial bad boy Bobby Brown, who performs about his personal experiences. You’ll meet Lucy Walsh, daughter of the Eagles’ Joe Walsh, who has toured with Ashlee Simpson. Find out why rapper/preacher MC Hammer’s little girl, A’Keiba Burrell, has luck on her side. See what life’s like for Lara Johnston, offspring of the Doobie Brothers’ Tom Johnston, who first performed onstage when she was just two.

Each rock star kid will Rock the Cradle in front of a panel of judges, who’ll help the budding musicians come out of their shells and learn the business. While the judges will share their opinions after each performance, you will ultimately decide who will stay and who will go. Yes, you! And, in the end, one winner will be crowned and take the first step toward becoming a superstar, just like dear old mom or dad.

Who will emerge from their parent’s shadow victorious and step into the spotlight? Find out when we Rock the Cradle!

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  1. Have you watched the show at all? I’m actually working with MTV on the show and I think Crosby is one of the strongest performers on it. Think he has a shot at winning?

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