Gavin Rossdale – Love Remains The Same

Gavin Rossdale – Love Remains The Same / 2008 Interscope / 1 Track / /

Well, let’s see. Gwen Stefani was in a halfway-decent band in No Doubt, and then turned into a vapid pop star after departing from them (some of the later No Doubt songs were laying the groundwork, but there was a sea change between “Return Of Saturn” and anything that followed it). Individuals may know that Gwen is married to Gavin Rossdale, who was previously in Bush. Bush had quite a few good songs during their run, but the question has to be whether Rossdale has completely wimped out in the years since ey left Bush. The simple answer is yes, Rossdale has wimped out.

This does not mean that the song is bad or unlistenable. The gritty style of Rossdale’s vocals that were present during singles like “Machinehead” and “The Chemicals Between Us” is still present during “Love Remains The Same”, but the instrumentation present is slower and free of any grunge influence. The smoothed-out vocals that are present will attach themselves to listener’s brains in much the same way as both Papa Roach and the latest crop of Idol contestants have. The two groups that were just mentioned – Papa Roach and the Idol contestants, if taken together, provide individuals with a good idea of how Rossdale sounds now. Hints of Coldplay, John Maher, and Snow Patrol are strewn in alongside an adult contemporary approach to rock. Catchy at points, “Love Remains The Same” will bring Rossdale’s name back into discussion.

Rating: 5.5/10

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