La Lucha – Volume 2, Issue 1

. First off, the title is wrong. This is not a zine about La Lucha, this is a zine that should be called La Gimoteo. What was meant as a good liberal magazine has turned into a whiny echo of liberalism and an assault on the average person. The only lucky thing here is that this was the last issue of this rag. In the scheme of DePauw zines, this is by far the worst, not even holding a candle to the GLBT/Fem-Punk zine from 3 years back or the zine produced by a member of Team Dretch (her g/f was an art teacher at DePauw). Any remnants of a high form of sarcasm are replaced in this by bitter attacks on groups by the writers. Instead of sounding the least bit hopeful of the future, the writers of La Lucha are jaded, with even their exhortations to experience ringing of a bitter, disaffected tone. I know the writers of La Lucha, and they are some of the most ignorant, useless activists that we currently have on campus. Unfortunately, the liberals on this campus seem to be headed the way of the Dodo, replaced by those jaded automatons whose idea of action is sitting around and bitching about an unknowing citizenry.

Rating : 2.4/10

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Author: James McQuiston

Ph.D. in Political Science, Kent State University. I have been the editor at NeuFutur / since I was 15. Looking for new staff members all the time; email me if you are interested. Thanks!

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