Leapfrog Bike Zine #7

Leapfrog Bike Zine #7 / $1 / Half-Sized / 32 Pages / Leapfrog Bike Zine, 6163 Carrollton Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46220 / xpeoplespoetx@hotmail.com / 

As with the previous issue of the magazine, I can honestly say that Leapfrog can make a topic that I had little information or desire to know more about into something that I just have to study more! This time around, Scott interviews the bikearchists R.A.M.B.O., an individual frame builder in Matt Chester, as well as feature in-depth pieces on Critical Mass and public transportation. The layout is an improvement over last year, still being very sterile yet compelling with an excellent choice of pictures throughout. From the front cover having a stencil of a U-lock, Matt goes the extra distance for making appeals to any individuals who might have the slightest interest in biking, whether it be just the average biker or the competitive trail rider. While there are a high amount of ads for such a small magazine, Scott really does some excellent work in incorporating each and every ad into the larger scheme of the magazine. What does really make the magazine for me is the high quality of the columns, something that is strangely absent from ninety percent of the zines I read: quality control. The humorous message of “A Car-Free Lifestyle” just implores individuals to continue reading the zine, and Leapfrog is short enough that an individual can get through it in less than an hour. While Leapfrog uses only one font for the body of the text, Matt actually knows enough about layout to go and place it such a way that it looks completely different.

Rating : 8.0/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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