Lil’ Bush : Resident of the United States Season One

Lil’ Bush : Resident of the United States Season One / 2008 Comedy Central / 132 Minutes / /

Throughout President Bush’s 7 years in office, Comedy Central has taken it quite often to the administration. Long-time viewers to the network may remember “That’s My Bush”, a live-action show that detailed President Bush’s time in office. Sadly, that show was canned after only a short time on the air, and a few years passed before Lil’ Bush was aired. For those that have not seen Lil’ Bush, it is a cartoon that showcases the exploits of a number of Bush Administration members – including Lil’ Cheney, Lil’ Rove, Lil’ Condy and more – and their interactions with certain other child-aged Washington denizens, including Hilary and Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Michael Moore, and John Kerry.

The chronology in this show is all over the place – George H.W. Bush is the president, but the show is set in the present day. However, thie episodes present in this first season (totally over two solid hours of animation) contain enough in the way of humor that individuals will be kept interested throughout. Individuals that purchase this DVD set will be treated to a number of bonus features that were not ever aired on comedy central. First, there is a bonus episode that is exclusive to this DVD, and the commentary that is present – linking together Tucker Carlson with Ralph Nader and Jerry Springer – is as humorous as it is hard-hitting. While this is not a major benefit to the DVD, kudos has to go to Comedy Central and Paramount for having such a quick turn-around transferring the episodes of Lil’ Bush to DVD.

Where there are still a number of shows equally as funny that have not made it to DVD (Get A Life and The State are but a few), the bold step forward taken by these groups ensure that Lil’’ Bush is maintained in a format that will ensure that future generations can watch the show as easily as when it was originally ran on the station. Buy this DVD< check out the newer episodes of Lil’ Bush, and laugh at an administration that at times rivals the actions taken by the pint-sized versions in this show. Give this disc a go even if you have not had a chance to watch Lil’ Bush previously; you will soon see what all the hub-bub was about.

Rating: 7.0/10

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