Limited Delivery Area #1

Limited Delivery Area #1 ($1, Vermicious Knid, PO Box 543, Accokeek MD 20607)

For those in the know, Limited Delivery Area (the term) deals with the delivery mainly of pizzas. Well, Vermicious here is a pizza delivery guy for dominos, and this zine is one of the first to detail the much-maligned life of a pizza guy. While the zine is short (half-sized, 16 pages), and the text really big, the personality put out by Vermicious is just enough for one person to be able to read the zine over and over again and still not be tired with the stories contained within. Each page is different, owing much to the innovative photo-montages that he has placed throughout the zine, and the gamut of emotions raised by the stories he writes is truly large, running from sympathy to heart-melting acts of kindness. In fact, the only weakness that one could raise with the zine is the fact that the staples obscure some of the text on the innermost side of the pages, but realistically, this is a solid, easy read that will maintain its place in your zine library. One note here : make sure you check out Vermicious here both on the cover and the first page of the magazine, in badly-reproduced pictures.

Rating : 8.7/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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