Little Grandpa

Little Grandpa
I am just going to preface the review of this comic by saying that the review itself will be very short, as the comic really just is a poem with accompanying pictures. This does not mean one should immediately dismiss it or anything, but should pick up this heart-warming comic and be enthralled by the fun little poem and drawings inside. The whole idea is the loss of power as one gets older, and to actually exercise the power that has been given to you before you lose it and become another Little Grandpa. The message in the magazine is very positive even if it is a little depressing. The whole extended metaphor of the little grandpa himself is a very appropriate one, as it shows someone who realizes that he has wasted his power and life, and wants to try his hardest to go and inform anyone that will listen to make the most of their life’s before they become like him, an impotent old man who only has the ability to take to people that are actively listening to him. The artistic style of the comic is a very sketchy one, with the poem being laid out in the tried and true style of cut and paste, combining really well with the style previously mentioned. I have no clue as to if the comic is still being printed, but if you would want to get a copy, send $1 to Meniscus Enterprises, 1573 N. Milwaukee, PMB 464, Chicago IL 60622.

Rating : 7.5/10.

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Author: James McQuiston

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