Live: A Pornographic Coloring Zine

Live: A Pornographic Coloring Zine / :5 / $1.00 / 16S / Robin Hustle, C/O, Ruth O-R, 1334 W. Greenleaf, Apt. 3S, Chicago, IL 60626 /

Pretty much what the title suggests, Live is a coloring book that incorporates adult themes to the typically children-led field of coloring book. While more revolutionary coloring books have been commonplace since “My Family, Your Family, Our Family” and “Girls Will Be Boys Will Be Girls”, Live is the result of an individual that needed to foment this idea a little farther. Pictures found in this go around include a close-up of a vagina, a nipple being pinched, and a number of other seemingly-random drawings. These random drawings have absolutely no bearing on the static topic of this coloring book, unless Robin is working at a level beyond what I can possibly fathom. For example, one of these drawings has a fish looking at a high-heeled shoe. Fish-heel, fishy-shoe, I have no clue but at least the drawings are simplistic and warm. This warmness is shown most prominently by the imperfections present in each piece of art – for example the claw-hammer in one of the later pieces has too hooked of a claw. Still, in functionality Live cannot be beat: it is a cheap (cost-wise, not quality-wise) zine that will provide the coloring individual in your family hours of fun. As a stand-alone zine it may seem a little random, but this is by no means your standard zine, and as such, shouldn’t be compared. Pick up your box of crayons, open this puppy up and get to work – the problems that life serves up to you will rapidly melt away!

Rating: 5.8/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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