[mag] – #9

[mag] – #9
Full Size, Newsprint, Free, 64 Pages. This is a super huge zine that has some of the same problems with it as does Maximum Rock?n?Roll and Punk Planet. The sheer number of ads is amazing, sometimexs taking up 3 or 4 pages. That trespass is a minor one compared to some of the others in this zine. About 12 different interviews scatter themselves through the zine, with bands from all sorts of different genres and geographical locations. This is where we start to get into the problem that [mag] has. By having such a diverse viewpoint on everything, they have watered down their zine to such a point that it is almost a chore to read it. The only thing that brings this magazine out of forgettable mediocrity is the piece that is present about the various record re-sellers on eBay, which features plans to organize against those people. Please keep in mind that this guy does probably get a lot of shit from everyone, and he is awesome for even providing this zine at no cost, but that does not mean that a wider range of pieces can be selected, instead of just interviews and record reviews. I went to their website, and I do not believe that this zine is still extant, as they still have an advertisement for the issue that I picked up, from March of 2001.


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