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I do not know where I have seen this style before: Mirror-Mirror is a collection of comic strips by Chrid Pelrine, and manage to tell a snippet of a story even considering the fact that they are contained on one page. The style in which Chris captures eir subjects is interesting to say they least: in a very sketchy way, ey is able to show a certain grittiness (but not evil-ness) to eir world. Perhaps the most affecting piece in Mirror-Mirror comes during “Hardknocks”, a story in which an angry child finds the ultimate solutions to the problems bothering eir. The final line of the comic, which shows the character sitting behind two of eir tormentors with only the line “Things are gonna change” to break the tension, is chilling in the outcome that is foreshadows. Other pieces are equally chilling, especially “Kismet” which details the title term, showing a couple get gunned down as a cosmic correction of the evils that they have done in the past. The cover does not give a reader any indication of what is contained inside, and may actually be deceiving as it portrays a tranquil scene focused in on two individuals drinking coffee. This is a hard-hitting comic zine, and even the fact that the pieces that Chris discusses are fiction, one will get the feeling in their stomach that somewhere, somehow that the things written about are actually happening. The strip is weekly, but I have no clue beyond e-mailing Chris to figure out how to read them. It is a sad thing, as these pieces are great.

Rating: 7.2/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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