MLB ’08 (PSP)

Each subsequent release on the PSP makes me that much more sure that it will be the winner in this current generation of handheld games. Hell, give pure processing power, it even beats out the Wii in terms of realism and immerse game play. MLB ‘08, the latest installment in the MLB franchise, provides more proof of this. The key addition that has been made to this series has to be the interaction that individuals can have with each member of their team.

Where little could be done in the past in other baseball games besides going to the mound, picking a specific pitch, or any one of a limited array of things, there are many different ways individuals can position and otherwise modify their players to ensure for the best defense (and offensive) formations. As is the case with the PS3 versions, a panoply of information awaits the player concerning the pitchers and batters, their history, and this information allows individuals to make the perfect pitch. Another great feature of MLB ‘08 has to be the ability to make custom soundtracks – if there are any tracks that really scream baseball or get a player into the right mindset, they can add it to their playlist and rock out. For those individuals that are busy with other family or work things, the ability to make in-game saves will literally save you. If you have to do the dishes or are running late to work or class, the ability to make these saves will ensure that you do not need to start over a game.

The replay value of this game is high; sit someone in a season or just play an exhibition, and all of the energy and intensity of a baseball game comes through, pitch by pitch. While there are simplistic elements to MLB ‘08, this is to allow a wider swath of individuals the opportunity to play the game. For those individuals that want something else from the game, there are more than enough in the way of different things to distract one’s self with. Pick up this game for yourself or for the individual that loves baseball in your household. They will like it, and play it just up until that time when MLB ‘09 comes out for the PSP.

Rating: 8.0/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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