Moonlight Chronicles #36

Moonlight Chronicles #36 / :40 / 104S / $5US/$6 Can/ $7 World / Dan Price, Box 109, Joseph OR 97846 /

All handwritten, this zine is tops in having Atom and His Package-like drawings and the perfect pen to capture all the events that happens to one Dan. 36 issues is always an incredible amount to complete, and this zine is still fresh, still a fun read. While I do not know every single place that Dan mentions in Moonlight Chronicles, the strongest suit of eir’s would have to be the universality of ey’s language, making it extremely easy to go and replace details to fit into one’s paradigm. Sure, I may not have ever made a sojourn up to Joseph, but Lancaster and Joseph are both smallish American towns, and a great deal is similar in both cities. This issue focuses pretty heavily on Dan’s assumption of a job at the graveyard and the responsibilities that come along with it. Along the way, we are treated to a number of caricatures of individuals that Dan has made acquaintances with and even some individuals that were randomly in ey’s line of sight. The style of art in Moonlight Chronicles is reminiscent of Dan Clowes, and while I’m not incredibly well-versed in independent comic artists, Dan Price gets that extra kudos because ey can make a style incredibly personal – not every line has to be straight to represent the individuals, and these sometimes-squiggly drawings are a gateway into ey’s soul. If you are into comic zines, pick this up, but if you are also into zines that are intensely personal, I would still have to recommend Moonlight Chronicles. A lot on the pricey side, but truth be told, there is a lot to read in this issue.

Rating: 8.2/10

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