More Themes For Dyslexics #3

More Themes For Dyslexics #3 / :20 / $1 / Half-Sized / 56 Pages / /

This zine is a toned down, shorter and smaller version of Maximum Rock’n’Roll. Whether it be the few columns or ample interviews or reviews, the only thing missing from More Themes For Dyslexics are the high amount of advertisements, and I think that is where the zine is better than the newsprint or glossy zines. The amount of poetry in this issue is small, and there are really no complete stinkers in the way of poetry this time, something that doesn’t happen often in smaller ‘zines. The mixture of super-famous bands being interviewed (like Ozma, Sugarcult, and Something Corporate) with longer pieces about bands I’ve never heard before (Arkham, Bangarang) really makes reading the magazine easier, and more diverse as a result of that. More Themes For Dyslexics is not going to get off the hook though, and the major problem with this issue is the poor sizing of “The Ethical Adventures of Fugazi!”, two comics that are squished and distorted to make them fit properly on a page. Continually changing up the backgrounds and fonts, More Themes For Dyslexics reduces the possibility for readers getting bored – there are always different things to look at just a page or two away. A solid ‘zine, although some of the interviews with the larger-name bands are short, as if they only gave the editor five or ten minutes with the band. Some of the pieces seem to be nothing more than space-fillers (such as the piece about public restrooms), but all in all, pieces have a purpose and are informative.

Rating: 5.9/10

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Author: James McQuiston

Ph.D. in Political Science, Kent State University. I have been the editor at NeuFutur / since I was 15. Looking for new staff members all the time; email me if you are interested. Thanks!

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