Morning Star #3

Morning Star #3 / :25 / 56L / $3 / Angelica M. Busque, 4832 N. Wolcott, Apt. 1NW, Chicago, IL 60640 / /

Angelica is the most moving artists that I’ve ever had the chance with which to be familiar. When I took a lunch away from work and actually had the chance to read this issue of Morning Star, I was so close to crying that it was almost scary. No personal zine, no comic has ever been as emotionally affecting as this issue of Morning Star was to me when I first read it. This issue is completely about the events leading up to and immediately after a double hip replacement. For those who are not familiar with Angelica’s style, the nearest popular art that one can imperfectly associate with it is the “Breaking the Habit” video by Linkin Park. This comparison does work, for the simple fact that both are done in a sketchy style that is based off a realistic model – the similarities end when one considers that the animators that were on the Linkin Park video had large amounts of video to watch, and Angelica had only the memories of the events, some of which were modified by copious amounts of drugs. $3 is a mire pittance of a cover charge – the story is so well-covered and the art so solid that even twice the quoted cover price would be reasonable for this ink and paper piece of art. This move towards the personal and away from the quasi-personal/fictional nature of #2 is welcome, and I feel, gives me a better appreciation for the art that Angelica actually does.

Rating: 8.9/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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