Music Video for The Greyboy Allstars’ “Still Waiting,” Features Puppetry by Artists from Jim Henson Studios, Crank-Yankers, Sesame Street, Avenue Q

Debut video in connection with band’s acclaimed newest album,

What Happened to Television?, is directed by Josh Hassin and Matt Goldman

The Greyboy Allstars are in the midst of a resurgence and being greeted with a very warm welcome.

The seminal California groove band has garnered considerable praise for their first studio album in nearly a decade, What Happened to Television? (Knowledge Room Recordings, 2007). The new work has been lauded by the likes of Entertainment Weekly, The Village Voice, NPR and The Los AngelesTimes, who said it “feels so cozy and organic you never want to leave its inviting groove.”

Nowcomes the album’s debut music video for “Still Waiting,” featuring Inara George. Directed by Josh Hassin and Matt Goldman, the video is set in a juke joint (inspired by an infamous Ernie Barnes painting Sugar Shack from the credit sequence of the 1970s sitcom “Good Times”) populated entirely by puppets.

And when you want a puppet, why not go to the best? The Monkey Boys have placed their own plush characters in Avenue Q, Winnie The Pooh Live, Go Diego Go!, Little Shop Of Horrors, and countless adverts and shorts. Founder, Scott Hitz, assembled a crack team of some of the East Coast’s most accomplished puppeteers, who, collectively, have worked with JimHenson Studios, Crank-Yankers and Sesame Street. Their style – think Muppets with an edge – is instantly recognizable, and their unerring ability to bring their characters’ personalities to vivid life in a few gestures has won them fans around the world.

“We feel very fortunate to have hooked up with Monkeyboys,” says Goldman. “One day we’re holding an insanely ambitious treatment, and the next we we’re in a room with the greatest puppeteers we could imagine. Everything just fell into alignment.”

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