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Medusa’s Spite was born in 1996 with the meeting of Stefano and Paolo Daniele and Antonello Aprea. They started a thorough research within the field of electronic music moving towards a mixture of different genres such us techno and hardcore.

The, they embarked on a journey within the dance music/genre as DJs and musicians. The first records, published under different pseudonyms, were original elaborations in the hardcore-underground field. Their attention was constantly turned to the world of rock and this was the basic ingredient within the harmonic fusion between melody and energy, electronics and acoustics. Floating Around, their first album, takes form between 1997 and 1998. The years between 1999 and 2001 are the landscape against which a series of positive events develop, determining the bands future. The release in different European countries (first Antibemusic then Baby Records International + Zyx records / Germany), the media and on-line interest in the band as well as the critics consideration helped to define them as a crossing between the 80s and 90s.

As a debut album Floating Around boasts a satisfying number of copies sold (36.000 copies in Europe). These incentives got the band to prepare the new Medusa’s Spite double album divided into two chapters Morning doors and Morning doors (the glass path) where we find the members as executive producers as well. The two albums together are a short audio films in which a young guy spends one day of its life, a day representing life itself (life meant in a repetitive way, as a repetition of days…a repetition of sounds). Morning doors starts from a dream and takes the listener to the afternoon. The next album ready to be published next year will tell our protagonist’s actions and thoughts from the afternoon until the night…the sleeping state. The entire work has been recorded and mixed between Rome (Spite room) and Liverpool ( Parr street studios ) and mastered in London at “The Exchange” , the same place where “Floating around” sound got its definitive colour.

Life in the year 2001, the first extract single published in the year 2001, also reached the radio programming in the U.S. We can consider it as a bridge leading to the new synthesis of what are the Medusa’s Spite main coordinates : electronics, rock and acoustics. Lately, in these last years, different artistic decisions and points of view between Stef and Paolo on one side and Antonello on the other, brought the band to a brake and to the irreversible decision of interrupting this marriage started in 1996.

Antonello prosecuted in his soloist artistic carreer. Stef and Paolo continued to trace the Medusa’s Spite path together with the support of Axel Donnini (bass) and Alessandro Nardis (drum) until the end of 2007. With “Will hunting” video, directed by Simone Pellegrini (who also directed the band’s first clip “Life in the year 2001”) and produced by Stef, Medusa’s Spite wins the Rome Videoclip Festival 2007 special prize, and actually is involved in producing two new videoclips for new tracks of the upcoming album “Morning doors ( the glass path)”.

The music of the band after being used often times as soundtrack for programs like “Nonsolomoda”, is again on display in these days within one of the most important italian TV series : R.I.S. delitti imperfetti. Alessandro Nardis recently left the band following a new personal path.

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