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With a menagerie of acknowledgements from the likes of Weekender Magazine, Electric City/Diamond City Magazine,, and XND Radio, OurAfter has stolen the hearts of moody rock lovers from Tampa to Chicago. Their single, “Karma” was hand-picked for the soundtrack of the independent film, Bloodlines, coming out this summer through THINKFilm, and now the buzz has built to the point that they find themselves on a summer tour bringing their sound to fans from New York to Philadelphia to Washington D.C., down to Florida and back out to Chicago and Cincinnati.

OurAfter not only have their fingers on the pulse of what their fans desire, but also on the pulse of modern rock and where it’s going. This quintet from Pennsylvania feels they know where the trends of music are heading and have created an album that reflects their sensibilities and passion for the genre. Their songs draw from the influential music movements of the 80’s, such as post-punk and ambient, yet they make it their own by incorporating the accessibility of today’s mainstream rock.

As Alan K. Stout of The Weekender says, OurAfter “Isn’t afraid to be romantic and vulnerable… with a touch of bravado.”

Perfect Day opens with “Karma” and will keep you fatefully connected through “War,” “This Town,” and on to “Whispers.”

Go to to check out their tour dates. Chances are, Our After, is coming to a town near you!

“Candles is the best song I have heard in the year of 2006.”-Joshua Morgan-XND Radio

“One of the best CD’s I have heard in a long time, anywhere”-Alan K. Stout-Weekender Magazine

“One of the most refreshing local releases in recent years.”-Mike Uricheck-NEPA Today

“It’s (Karma) got the perfect amount of energy, and the perfect amount of dance to make you tap your feet.”-Pulse Weekly Magazine


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