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Save The Cookie – symbiosis of slovak singer Cookie Baar, producer Martin Hudak, musician Igor Baar and american producer Matt Patrick. Everybody brought something from his own. Characteristic feature for production of this album was some kind of freedom, that has been given to everybody. Some songs were made three years ago, some of them in the last while. Sound postproduction was in progress from august 2007 to january 2008. At first we have promoted release date in october, but the freedom was really the freedom, we have delayed release date to february 2008.

We have created characteristic sound design for the songs written by Cookie Baar. Most of the sounds has an accoustic basis, created by the strings oscillations of the music instruments. Igor Baar takes the care of them. Album PHANTASTIC contains 16 tracks. First track is the song Great Divide. This was the start to produce another and another song and finally to produce the whole project. It was the music video produced for this song. ( Other songs were created year and half after. At the beginning we promised each other to produce 15 songs.

Why they are 16? Great Divide song is twice for its diametral difference, that we have decided to put there both of them. Every song was recorded with live accoustic instruments and about 80% there was used unchanged accoustic sounds as a basis for future computer digital modulation with algorithms created inhouse. Very important thing was Martin’s experience with the world of digital media and he has applied literally video filter to sound. In the process of sound postproduction, things were made in different places, because the basic tool for the work was computer, we could be at home, in the office, on the beach, … We have been inspired with a lot of music genres. When you listen the CD, you will travel through a lot of pieces of rock, hip-hop, drum’n bass, classics, …The sharp changes of the rhythm and tempo, very pop choruses are combined with the digitally influenced music. We cannot categorize our music style. Wee need to define The Cookie Style! The whole album will be free downloadable on the web.

Save The Cookie are:
Cookie Baar, Martin Hudak, Igor Baar

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