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“The lovely and talented Sheila Sondergard will first capture you with her eyes, but listen, close your eyes and listen! She’s been a staple of the local San Diego music scene for a few years and has grown into a top notch songwriter and performer! Great songs, style and grace! She rock’s and seduces, that’s Sheila Sondergard…” Tim Pyles FM 94.9

“The textured and sensitive sensuality revealed through throaty vocals, in Sheila Sondergärd’s upcoming release “Spoke Too Loud” show her growth and maturation as a promising new up-and-comer. Stand out tracks like the “Same ol’ Bend” and “Change” illustrate Sondergärd’s effortless range and wry wit. Overall, “Spoke too Loud” wonderfully highlights a new voice of beauty and independence that is as much pure emotion as insightful intellect”. Kelly Grace – Downtown San Diego Magazine

In the beginning of 2007, Sheila teamed up with five of San Diego’s very best musicians, forming a band of world caliber talent. Their music is extremely diverse and boundary less, yet cohesive, intelligent, and thought provoking. We call it Intellipop, A sound that spans the genres of Jazz, Folk, Acoustic, Rock, Alternative, Reggae, Americana, and pop among others. Featuring 2007 Grammy Award winning drummer Bill Ray, Chuck Prada from the Black-eyed Peas on Percussions, this band is one to watch, and listen to!

“I heard the first 15-seconds of the song Spoke Too Loud and immediately fell in love with Sheila Sondergärd’s music.

There are so many moving and magical narrative elements in this effort that it seems almost elusive and unreal. Sheila slides from light progressive jazz in one tune to folksinger in the next, and then on to indie rocker and beyond. Her proficient guitar picking is backed ably by an award winning and intuitive band.

The bottom line is that the entire CD is a tremendous first effort. The arrangements are exquisite and deftly showcase her band (Grammy Award winning Billy Ray on drums, Chuck Prada on percussion, Jason Littlefield on bass, Sean Martin on guitar and Jeremy Miller on keyboards).

Most shining among them is the infectious title track, whose flavor is easily augmented by the jazzy skills of this impressive backing band. Spoke Too Loud is so musically expressive it could run considerably longer in free form style without losing any of it’s magic.

But I don’t want to take away from Sheila’s vocal abilities. She has a classy, full and throaty voice which actually outshines the band on the tracks Same Ol’ Bend, Clue and Change. Just listen to her lament “Everyone’s heart breaks and we do what we can to make it through the days” on the song Clue and you will see that she can command, and in fact demands the listener’s full attention.

In all, this disc delivers on all fronts. Listeners will delight in the breadth of Sondergard’s skill and will appreciate the versatility of her craft. Her lyrics weave copious story lines that fit perfectly with the subtle melodies inherent in her words. They have even coined the term “intellipop” to define their musical genus, an extremely diverse and cohesive sound free of boundaries and stereotypes, intelligent, and thought provoking. That is dead-on accuracy.”
Mike Canter – Sonic Jive
Mike Canter – Sonicjive

Here’s another review from Revolt in style magazine. They only pick 6 albums a month for review, this month they reviewed: The Smashing Pumpkins – 4stars, 12 Stones – 3 stars, Drowning Pool – 2 stars, Slightly Stoopid – 3 stars, Spoon – 4 stars, and of course Sheila Sondergard 3 Stars!

Sheila Sondergard- Spoke too Loud
The lower part of her vocals sounds slightly like Jewel, while the higher resembles Shakira. It’s a pleasant up and down motion just like ‘Clues’, the number four track. It starts out like she’s singing on the prairie, with a nice twang, then speeds up when she belts out, “we do what we can to make it through the day&” That phrase deserves a loud delivery and Sheila figures out a way to drop it on your front doorstep. On ‘Too Proud’, she seems certain that you “don’t have the balls& to say my name”. It’s a talent to sing ‘balls’ so many times in such a melodic way- she sounds so sweet when it’s coming out of her mouth. I don’t even think about how hairy they may be.
– Revolt Magazine


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