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When musical artist Paul Tardo answered an obscure classified ad placed by an avant-garde record producer, he had no idea that his shoe box full of old song ideas would be transformed into a pop album. Although most of the material was written about 11 years ago during what Paul calls “a personal quest”, the messages woven into the songs are just as relevant in today’s culture -if not more so.

The music of Shift is a true product of the digital age. Working from a small studio in his rural home (which he affectionately calls Kismet Ranch) way up in the Sierra Mountains of Northern California, Paul lays down vocals and instrumental concepts. He then beams the digital files via a satellite internet uplink to his producer Orpheos Dejournette in the San Francisco Bay area. Captivating and sometimes haunting melodies, odd time signatures and a breathtaking electro-synth production style are then meticulously crafted into an infectious soundscape. Despite its unique freshness or perhaps because of it, the music of Shift can best be described as pop music.

Shift’s music conjures images of the human condition on a grand scale while exploring subjects ranging from the mysteries of existence, to enchanted tales of human potential. Paul adds “Music carries us through both joyous and difficult times… we form memories around the soundtrack of our lives.” He continues “I try to appeal to the higher sensitivities common to us all… and to be as positive and hopeful as I can without glossing over the things we find difficult to face in our world today.”

The soon to be released debut single called Revolution 7 will be available on CD through CD Baby or directly from the Shift website at MP3 downloads will also be available from and at most popular digital music outlets including iTunes, Napster and Amazon MP3, Rhapsody and GroupieTunes. Industry pre-release is scheduled for April 4, 2008. The single was written by Paul Tardo and produced by Orpheos Dejournette.


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Author: James McQuiston

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