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Silverhawk The Densmore Bros. (Sam and John), lead Silverhawk a Psychedelic/Americana/Rock n Roll Family Circus from Portland, Oregon.

“Indie Rock for a new generation. And that’s a very good thing indeed.” Aiding and Abetting, 2004

Tar-black humor hangs in the air onstage as the Densmore Bros trade guitar, bass and lead vocal duties. Never missing a beat, they harmonize over adventurous sonic landscapes swollen by Anthony Cotham and Rob Allisons’s (Two Ton Boa, Freq. db) all out assault of keyboards/drums/and backing vocals. In the true family band tradition, guest vocalist Laura Densmore (Sam’s “better half”) adds intrigue to the bands mystique.

Silverhawk Rocks and Rolls.

Beginning in 1992 as a folk duo from Coos Bay, OR, the Densmore Bros. released 3 full length cassettes, 4 full length CDs, 1 EP, and multiple singles. For most of the 90’s they were based in Olympia, WA and became known for the tribal no wave jams of Slow Children and Frequency db. Over 1,000 tour dates with NW greats such as Frank Black, Screaming Trees, The Posies, and Richmond Fontaine inform their charismatic stage presence.

Silverhawk has nationally released one EP (Flowers in June, Pop Sweatshop, 2001), one video (Keeping it Surreal, Mastan Music, 2001). and one full length CD (Westward, Blue Eyed Crow, 2004) Both CDs have attracted national press attention including reviews in CMJ, Delusions of Adequecy and Amplifier Magazines.

In 2008, Silverhawk’s 3rd release, “Hangover Bicycle Ride” is the Densmore Bros 5th CD release and studio masterpiece. 3 years in the making, it represents a new phase in their collaboration that’s especially apparent in their blending of studio trickery, wry humor and the warmth of early rockabilly and classic rock influences (i.e Lee Hazlewood, T. Rex). Preceding it’s release, ‘Hangover’ has been aired on Oregon Public Broadcasting and over 20 Live 365 internet radio stations, and podcasts.

“These tracks sound great. I like the whole low fi analog digital vibe. Organic sounds…chopped up. Yes!” Jonathan Plum (co-producer Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains), London Bridge Studios, Seattle, WA 2006

Produced by Sam Densmore (whose recording credits include Dry County Crooks and High Violets), “Hangover Bicycle Ride” from Silverhawk will be available at shows in Fall of 2007, with an official March 18, 2008 release date and NW tour to follow. Production on the new CD began over three years ago at the Densmore Bros. project studio and was completed (mastering to boot) at Jeremy Wilson’s MastanMusic Studio in Portland, OR. The music has been released digitally on the MastanMusic label over the past year, culminating with a full length compilation of Psychedelic Party Rock now!

Sam Densmore (vox/guitar/bass)
Rob Allison (drums/vox)
John Densmore (vox/bass/guitar)
Anthony Cotham (keys/vox)


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