Phratry News, Spring 2008

It’s been since Fall/Winter of 2007 since you’ve last heard from
Phratry. Many have started to think we’ve gone under. Well, that
couldn’t be farther from the truth. 2008 is shaping up/has shaped up
to be the busiest year in the four year history of the label. Which
is why you’ve not heard so much as a peep in last few months – it’s
been too busy to stop and chat. The label would like to apologize to
the bands at this time for lack of tour date announcements and
updates to the website. Administrative work, business taxes,
schedules and working on new releases has left the “staff” obscenely
preoccupied. Period. Rest assured to all, the label is still going
strong and still moving forward.

In case you missed it… this past Fall saw two new releases on
Phratry: CATERPILLAR TRACKS “Scrape The Summer” and SAH “06/06.” Both
albums are AMAZING and are definitely worth picking up. For fans of
Mission Of Burma, Gang Of Four and Fugazi, Caterpillar Tracks’
“Scrape The Summer” is where it’s at. For those with an affection for
the more “cerebral,” SAH’s “06/06” is where it’s at. Dark, hard
hitting, dramatic (and did I mention TWO drummers?) Sah’s Sabbath-
meets-Branca-meets-Hardcore throw downs will OBLITERATE the toughest
of the tough, leave you spent but wanting so much more. And the band
is not to be missed live.

Thanks again to Ian MacKaye and Amy Farina of THE EVENS for stopping
thru Cincinnati this past Fall. Phratry and Dischord Records worked
together to put on a sold out show for the band at Cincinnati’s Union
Terminal Museum Center and railway station. It took a lot of planning
but the payoff was worth the work.

The release schedule below pretty much says it all. The current/
active bands on the roster have all been busy in the studio working
on new releases. See below for full schedule. In addition, Phratry
has been busy talking with some other bands (located in both
Cincinnati and elsewhere) on putting out some new records together.
Recently, Phratry has been speaking with Lauren K. Newman (known as
“LKN”) out of Portland, OR about a re-release of her newest Grey Day
Productions album, “Postulate 2” on vinyl. The LP will come with
LKN’s newest EP release – exclusive to the Post 2 vinyl re-release.
If you are unfamiliar with LKN’s body of work, I’m REALLY sorry….
you need to catch up NOW! It’s some of the most exciting, hard-
hitting, original and sincere music you’ll ever experience. See below
for links to LKN and check back with Phratry soon for details on LKN

In the works (we hope) are new releases from Cleveland’s NATIONAL
Michigan’s HORNET and Cincinnati’s ARMS EXPLODING. Additionally,
Phratry is working (very slowly) on a vinyl-compilation and zine
release with Cincinnati ‘zine PIGEONHOLD. The vinly comp. will come
with the latest issue of PIGEONHOLD as well as a cd-version of the
album containing quite a few extras.


PTR 09 KNIFE THE SYMPHONY “Crawler” 9-song CD*, 10-song vinyl LP –
Spring/Summer 2008
PTR 09.5 MAD ANTHONY “Mad Anthony” CD/EP* – Spring 2008
PTR 10 THE STRONGEST PROOF “Robot Eats A Steak” full length CD* –
Summer 2008
PTR 11 LKN “Postulate 2” full length vinyl LP (comes with brand new
CD/EP* exclusive to the Postulate 2 vinyl release) – Summer 2008

*all new release will be available in the digital format via iTunes
and every other digital music store on the planet


There is a complete overhaul of the Phratry Records website in the
works with the launch of the new site coming in May. The new format
of the site will make it much easier/quicker to make updates and keep
you up to speed on the latest news/tour dates. The new site will also
have the Phratry Records store up and running again so you can deal
direct w/ the label (and just in time for all the new releases coming
out!). New audio and VIDEO as well. Special thanks to Greg Poneris of
LAB RAT for his efforts on the new site. Check out Lab Rat’s work via
the links below. While you’re at it. Check out Greg’s band EAT SUGAR.

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Author: James McQuiston

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