Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice (PSP)

Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice (PSP) / 2008 Sony / http://www.us.playstation.com/PSP/Games/Pursuit_Force_Extreme_Justice /

Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice is (as individuals may be able to guess) the sequel to Pursuit Force. It is currently only available on the PSP, but there are plans to port it over to the PS2 for the summer. For individuals that have not played the game in the past, the main character is a Cop Commander, which has been entrusted to go and take down different gangs. The number of venues in which one can fight the “bad guys” are numerous, allowing individuals to drive jet skis, motorcycles, cars, and the like to accomplish their goal. Mini games provide individuals with a number of different deviations from the main story line, as well as imbuing the game with a greater replay value.

Other additions to the game provide individuals with a more action-packed time; different weapons and stunts have been added to “Extreme Justice”. Where it seems that a number of games have a large amount of weapons but a very limited differentiation between those weapons, Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice has allowed individuals to know that the different weapons have unique advantages and disadvantages over the other weapons in the game. Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice is strong also in the sense that it pushes the PSP’s graphic processor to the limit. In many ways the speed of the action, the beautifully-rendered backdrops, and the amount of interactivity that individuals have with the game exceeds the level that even the PS2 could grant individuals. While there is not too much in the way of story line in Extreme Justice, there just does not need to be.

With the thin veil of story giving the individuals the nuts and bolts of what they have to do, there does not need to be a more complex set of emotions and reasons for busting these perps. “Pursuit Force: Extreme Force” is a game that is mindless fun, and while skills have to be high to finish up the game to one’s liking, buyers of this game should know that there will be a lot of killing and wrecking. This game will be perfect for individuals that are in the car or are waiting for someone to pick them up. If there’s a bit of time to eat up before an event, concert, or the like, this PSP game will work perfectly. Pick it up if this is up your alley.

Rating: 7.5/10

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