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I guess I forgot to review Senior Discount’s last CD when they sent it over. My apologies. Anyways, the style of music that Senior Discount play is a fast-forward, quick brand of punk music that does not let individuals have a moment to rest. “Ataxia” is a track that will get the pits started and will hammer home the melodies so deep that individuals will be singing along with Senior Discount even in the most inappropriate of situations. The sizzling guitar and bass dynamic that is present during the track is a little additional bonus for listeners. “VBW Song” is the next cut on the album and slows things down, a move that allows the vocalist for Senior Discount to take on the role of Fat Mike. The track is again fun, but come on, the band could throw in a little more of their own sound into the mix.

The musical intensity that the act places into the track is this uniqueness, and it is this that keeps the track from being derivative. “That Bitch Not So Bad” has horrible grammar in its title, but links together Ten Foot Pole, Face To Face and Blink 182 (“Cheshire Cat”-era) into another bit of uniqueness. The slower, longing style of the act during this track is hidden well by the tempo of the track, but individuals can hear the sadness at the periphery of the track. “I’m Crazy” and “Smile” keep things going strongly, and allow individuals to rock out properly ffor the entirety of the twenty minute run time. I love the bit of mid nineties punk rock that was present through all of the Epitaph recordings of that era, and I think Senior Discount is too. If you find yourself in the same camp as us, make sure to pick up the Senior Discount collection. You’ll like it.

Top Track: Smile

Rating: 7.8/10

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