The Moviegoers – Or The Gun

The Moviegoers – Or The Gun / 2008 Mangoose / 6 Tracks / /

The Moviegoers have been around in one form or another since 2004, when they were known as Your Future In Plastics. “Or The Gun” is the second EP by The Moviegoers, and it shows significant improvement over their previous EP, “The Code is Obvious”. “Or The Gun” starts off with “SS Vaseline”, a track that provides individuals with an angular bit of rock. The extended lean-in to this track provides a perfect framework with which the vocals can rest on. The sedate vocals that are prominent during “SS Vaseline” blend in well with the horns and stand in delightfully stark opposition to the jangly guitar lines that are prominent during this track. The disc’s second track is “Living Inside”, which immediately links itself to “SS Vaseline” through a similar approach to vocals. The meandering approach that the band takes during this track provides individuals with different styles and sounds that they can associate with the band.

While the act comes forth strongly on this track, it still feels as if The Moviegoers could stand to tighten things up further on the latter tracks on “Or The Gun”. “Being Small” is one of the longer tracks on the disc, but the band does well in keeping individuals interested in what the band is releasing. There is a lo-fi quality to the act that reminds me of “Grave Dancers Union”-era Soul Asylum, with a little bit of Flaming Lips thrown in. The EP is a good step forward for the act, and time will only tell whether they can transfer the momentum achieved on this album into something more lasting. If you are a fan of soft, subtly-constructed alt-rock, The Moviegoers should be the band one looks for. Keep your ear to the ground for this band; I can guarantee a return on that investment.

Top Track: Being Small

Rating: 7.0/10

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