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The New Tragedies – Souvenirs / 2008 Self / 5 Tracks / /

One of the former writers for NeuFutur reviewed the last New Tragedies albums, so I will have to apologize in advance for being ignorant about the band. “Souvenirs” starts out with “New & Improved”, a slow track that gradually opens to an atmospheric, breath-y type of track that matches well the back cover: two individuals, lounging on the bed, lying together. While the track is a little on the long side in regards to starting off an EP, the progression that the act creates on this track will keep individuals listening throughout. Hints of Lucero and Rufus Wainwright present themselves on this track, and the band moves forward to “Chandelier” soon after.

The same general style is present during “Chandelier”, but the guitar track on the song has a hint more Spanish influence to it, imbuing the track with a very classic type of sound. Still, the allure of the band survives, and the soulful sound of the act is maintained for another four minutes. The best track on “Souvenirs” is late on the disc; “Onward Christian Soldier” has a dynamism to it that will keep the track inlisteners’ minds. The two sets of guitar swirl around with the guitars, putting together Weezer with The Cure, truly adding something new to the musical landscape. While there is still a little bit that the band could do to clean up their sound, the fact that this CD hits on all cylinders and gives listeners a number of different genres as well as a cohesive sound should be enough of a reason for individuals to pick up “Souvenirs”. Keep an eye on The New Tragedies and hopefully they will come to a town near year in the years to come.

Top Track: Onward Christian Soldier

Rating: 6.7/10

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