Blackmarket Set To Release S/T EP 6/24

Blackmarket will release their self-titled EP on June 24, 2008 on No Office Records. Recorded with Sean Slade (Radiohead, Dinosaur Jr., Hole) and Matthew Ellard (Morhpine, Weezer, Elliott Smith), the self-titled EP captures Daryl Lamont (vocals, guitar), Langdon Chieffo (drums), Mikey Emerson (bass), and Jason Brindis (guitar, keyboards), on their journey through insightful lyrics, catchy melodies and overall brilliant musicianship.
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For individuals that focus in on fighting-sports movies, TKO originally was named Urban Assault. The movie features Andre McCoy (stunt double for Lawrence Fishburne in The Matrix), Daz Crawford (Blade II, Game Over, Wentworth), and Anthony Ray Parker (The Marine, Xena, and Two-Eleven). These actors come together in a story that focuses in on an unlicensed fight tournament that is held by a crime syndicate at the bottom of a high-rise building. Where this tournament has been going on for a few years, the two trainers – Mick (Crawford) and Martin (Paul Green, from Game Over and Komodo Vs. Cobra) – are forced to put their careers on the line. Continue reading “TKO”

Toy Gun Cowboy Rides Success of “Big Blue”

A little social commentary never hurt anyone, and that’s something Toy Gun Cowboy exerts on Big Blue. Working out of Lakewood, California, Matthew Erickson, the indie/electro lone ranger, seamlessly combines electronics with organic instruments, providing a distinctive sound. Continue reading “Toy Gun Cowboy Rides Success of “Big Blue””

Murphy Lee To Release “Murph Derrty”

Murphy Lee is debuting the new video for “Murph Derrty,” the first single from his upcoming album You See Me. Best known for “Shake Ya Tailfeather” and “Wat Da Hook Gon Be,” Murphy Lee returns to the scene with another derrty track. Murph announces that he is a “certified rapper” who is ready to bring the spotloight back to the St. Louis rap scene as he holds it down in the style we have come to expect from Nelly and the St. Lunatics crew. The video gives a window into a day in the life with scenes of Murph working in the studio, rolling in his nice rides, sportin’ LSU gear, and living a life of luxury.

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Matthew Ryan Tours in Support of “Vs. The Silver State”

“endlessly satisfying, 11 songs here, and absolutely no filler” – Paste
NASHVILLE, TENN. – – The April 1 release date of Matthew Ryan Vs The Silver State was no April Fool’s joke. The eleventh disc for Nashville folk/rocker Matthew Ryan broke into the CIMS Top 100 Chart with first week sales and continues to receive critical acclaim. Ryan will embark on the second leg of his U.S. tour in June with his longtime band Vs The Silver State.
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Broken Poets – Everything In Nature

Broken Poets – Everything In Nature / 2008 Wordvendor / 11 Tracks / /

“Once Before” is the track that makes the Broken Poets for me. Whether it is the confident vocals or the intricate arrangements which these vocals rest, “Once Before” is a track that will remain with me long after “Everything in Nature” ends. The rock of the Broken Poets play on a number of genres and is influenced by numerous acts, but the band is creating something new, something exciting, with each subsequent track on the album. Furthermore, the emotion captured in the instrumental arrangements during “Once Before” far outstrip anything else that is on the radio. This instrumentation is dense, layered so deftly that individuals can take months to break apart the nuances present.

“Idle Thought” varies considerably from “Once Before”. The band slowly eases into the track, with different elements (piano, drums) kicking in one by one. The addition of the piano to “Idle Thought” provides the perfect highlights to the vocals, sealing up the track well. The band takes away all of the diverse elements and approaches that were present during “Idle Thought” for “The Matriarch”. Little more is present during this track than a guitar and vocals, but this is one of “Everything in Nature’s” strongest tracks. The harmonies achieved by the vocals will awaken feelings in listeners, ensuring that they stay with the album until its completion.

What the Broken Poets do during “Everything In Nature” is easily approached by listeners; the band continually pushes the envelope in the creation of a new sound, never before heard on radio or television. There may be hints of Bush, Creed, Live, and even Chris Isaak present throughout “Everything In Nature”, but these influences are present at the extreme edges of these compositions, allowing the Broken Poets to shine on their own terms and create this new and unique sound. Diversity is an element that is present throughout all segments of “Everything in Nature”.
The different sounds crafted by the band on the album are legion, and the constellation of instruments and musical styles used to accomplish those diverse sounds are even more numerous. Please go to the band’s web site or Myspace and just listen to some of the tracks from “Everything In Nature”. The beauty, the brilliance, and the honesty present on each of the tracks on this album separate Broken Poets from other bands, and are just one of many reasons why “Everything In Nature” will undoubtedly be a candidate for album of the year when December 31st comes around.

Top Tracks: Perfect World, My Station

Rating: 8.2/10

Intercept – Magnolia Road

Intercept – Magnolia Road / 2008 Self / /

“Two Broken Astronauts” is the perfect introduction to Intercept. During “Two Broken Astronauts”, there are hints of a number of distinct genres of music, rock, pop-punk, alternative rock, and even a little bit of emo sneaks in at points. “Two Broken Astronauts” is a very emotional track, whether it be the memorable vocals, the chunky bass line, or the guitars that are presented here. The strongest part of Intercept during this track has to be the band’s high energy, along with the related ability to rein in that energy. Intercept is thus able to make very intricate arrangements, pushing at the limits of what has previously been done.

“Two Broken Astronauts” is a solid song on the album, but each of the cuts on “Magnolia Road” could easily bring success to Intercept. “Stand Back” is a slower track, allowing Intercept to wow listeners with the interplay that the band creates between the guitars, drums, and vocals. The harmonies achieved by the vocals during “Stand Back” build up into something inspiring, the musical equivalent to a dreamy day. When Intercept gets to the chorus, the swirling guitars and splashing drums further highlight the stellar vocals, until the band moves back to the earlier style. “Berlin” is a track that blends two distinct sounds – an acoustic guitar, strumming along, with the sweeping lines of a “Gravity”, and links the different facets and approaches taken by Intercept into one cohesive, album-reaching, style.

“Gravity” is similar to “Berlin” in terms of its cohesive qualities; Intercept links together the work of Incubus, Papa Roach, and Three Days Grace into a smooth, soulful track that has a hard edge hiding just underneath the surface. To ensure that a wider array of fans can appreciate the track, the driving instrumental section that links together the two distinct parts of the track will appease fans of Foo Fighters and Desert City Soundtrack alike. Southern California has another solid band on their hands, one that can take in all the different iterations and approaches to rock music and put forth a unique style based off that amalgamation. Pick up “Magnolia Road” at your local independent record shop, through the iTunes Media Store (ITMS), or from the band when they tour. If you are in San Diego, Burbank, Hollywood, or Malibu in the next two months, make it a point see Intercept live.

Top Tracks: Beautiful One, Berlin

Rating: 7.8/10

NEVERDIE – No Rock uN Rolled

NEVERDIE – No Rock uN Rolled / 2008 Club NEVERDIE / 14 Tracks /

NEVERDIE start their “No Rock uN Rolled” with a fun, funky and bluesy brand of rock music that was created by Jon Jacobs. Individuals may know Jacobs as the owner of Club Neverdie, the most-visited venue for entertainment in the MMORPG Entropia University. “No Rock uN Rolled” was produced by Paul Inder, son of Lemmy (Motorhead). I could not think of a better combination, as Jacobs’ vocals during a track like “New Vu Blues” have a definite Motorhead influence to them. In much the same way that Club Neverdie is a blend of electronic and organic, the style of music that is present during “No Rock uN Rolled” takes on different influences and genres of music (electronic, dance, techno) that would normally not be associated with the gritty, down-and-dirty rock of NEVERDIE. Continue reading “NEVERDIE – No Rock uN Rolled”

Vinehouse – Young Regret

Vinehouse – Young Regret / 2008 Self / 12 Tracks / /

This three-piece starts out their “Young Regret” with “Killer on the Road”, a track that skillfully blends together a doo-wop sound with a contemporary approach to rock. The vocals are the pinnacle on what is already a solid step forward; where the vocals provide listeners with a hooky set of melodies, they also are more intricate than one would hear at first blush. Regardless of how individuals end up taking “Killer on the Road”, individuals will focus on to Vinehouse’s efforts on the later segments of “Young Regret”. “Killer on the Road” is followed up by the title track, which provides individuals with a different side to Vinehouse Continue reading “Vinehouse – Young Regret”