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Nuthin is a zine that I feel disappears from my radar for a few months before coming back into focus. I always have a decent time reading their magazine, even if the interviews and columns seem to be a little on the longish side. The advertisements that are present in this issue are for very small record labels, and as such, seem to be forwarding the main goals (to expand reader knowledge of lesser-known bands) just as much as the interviews and reviews do. The top five lists are a mainstay in every issue of Nuthin’, and while they are interesting, perhaps if the individual writers went and contextualized their choices more, I would be more behind them. High points of this issue include Jason’s Jargon, which details the writer’s experience with a three some, and Joe Evans III’s piece about the New York blackouts and seeing a Ted Leo show. The words to live by section provides interesting quotes, while the interview with Grand Buffet got in the minds of individuals that I had heard of but never heard or really knew about. The layout is sharp and crisp and individuals can read exactly what is present; the issue seems awfully focused on the pop-punk festival that happened on the east coast, but hopefully this will disappear in subsequent issues. The reviews are short and to the point, allowing individuals to know why the album is good or bad and whether they should spend their hard-earned money on it or not; hit up their Myspace and let Nuthin’ know you want an issue.

Rating: 5.8/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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