O.J. Killed Elvis #2

This is a reprint of the original zine, where the editor Mike made notes about the pieces he had originally wrote 4 years before. Where he says that the zine sound amazingly well, I just don’t see what that was. I mean, the zine is a fun read, but bogged down by a lot of teen angst issues that just made a lot of the pieces run together for me. Throughout the magazine, Mike makes the point over and over that this issue was written in a much different period in his life, and that he has actually gotten up to issue five in the magazine. The five or so pages before the middle of the zine see the gold that was to be found in this issue, and that is a listing of the deaths attributed to drug rehabilitation camps and a few comics that detail the dreams that Mike had. I realize that that is a short period in the zine, which is thirty-two pages, but this is the part of the zine that I really couldn’t find a parallel in most other zines. Other pieces were interesting, such as “even ronald mcdonald was a vegetarian”, about Mike’s troubles finding vegan and vegetarian goods, and the interview done with propaghandi, which struck me as relatively politics free for a band that prides itself for being political. Other pieces just really don’t stand out in this magazine as particularly fun or revolutionary, but are essential topics to discuss in a magazine such as this. For a copy, send a dollar to mike croft, 123 Shady Hill Road, Apalachia NY 13732 or e-mail croft_mike@hotmail.com .

Rating : 6.0/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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