Catherine Deneuve – 5-Film Collection (DVD Set)

This collection features 5 of Deneuve’s biggest films: Manon 70 (1968), Le Sauvage (1975), Hotel Des Ameriques (1981), Le Choc (1982), Fort Saganne (1984), in one solid package. Individuals will be able to see Denuve really coming into eir stride as one of the premiere French actresses of eir generation. “Manon 70” deals with Denueve’s role as an individual that likes living large, sleeping with millionaires and the like until ey falls in love with a lowly reporter, which is played by Sami Frey. “Hotel Des Ameriques” will keep individuals equally interested, in that it deals with the problems that come forth after Deneuve’s character romances a mentally/emotionally disturbed man (Patrick Dewaere).

The two films themselves really show the range of characters that Deneuve plays; where ey was a very vapid type of person during “Manon 70”, ey is a doctor in “Hotel Des Ameriques”. The subset of films that are covered during the 5-Film Collection are an amazing blend of familiar and forgotten films, and the presentation of some of these films will be met by an entire generation of viewers that have not previously had the chance to familiarize themselves with eir work. There are a number of films that can still be covered by Lionsgate in the months and years to come, so hopefully the fact that this 5-Film Collection has been released will mark the first in a number of collections featuring what some individuals think is the first lady of French cinema.

The price of this collection (which has a list of under 40 dollars) should be well within purchaser’s pocketbooks, and will likely be the impetus that they need to go forth and more actively search out the rest of Deneuve’s filmography. The quality and sound of each of these film is a sight to behold, especially since each of the films is at least about 25 years old. Make it a point to inform any fan of foreign cinema that the Catherine Deneuve 5 Film Collection is perhaps one of the best boxed sets to come out through 2008. Just watch 1984’s Fort Saganne – where Gerard Depardieu, playing a military officer, ends up falling in love with Deneuve’s character, to see the beauty and ability that has been put forth time and time by Deneuve.

Rating: 8.5/10

Catherine Deneuve – 5-Film Collection / 504 Minutes / /

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