Closer To Truth: Cosmos Consciousness To Be Aired

This summer public television stations nationwide will launch the definitive series on the perennial human longing: “What Does It All Mean?” Robert Lawrence Kuhn, executive producer and series creator, has put together a spellbinding 39-episode foray into the meaning of the universe and human awareness. The visually stunning HD experience focuses 13 compelling episodes on each of three vast and interconnected fields: “Cosmos,” “Consciousness,” and “God.” Each episode guides viewers on an easily accessible yet state-of-the-art and thought-provoking journey in search of answers to mankind’s great questions.

Shot entirely on location, with a multi-camera HD format, Kuhn assembled the foremost leaders in comprehending the origins and scope of the universe, the brain and mind, and the philosophy and theology of God — creating the most comprehensive and compelling presentation of these topics ever produced for television.

In each episode, viewers are drawn into the dialogue and delve into the thoughts and revelations of the finest scientists, philosophers and theologians in a groundbreaking exploration of Cosmos, Consciousness and God, making these immense themes riveting for the widest possible audiences. Each 30-minute episode features an array of experts, with the total series offering candid, intimate conversations with more than 120 of the world’s foremost authorities dedicated to ‘getting closer to truth.’

Closer To Truth’s COSMOS episodes focus on the meaning of cosmology, origins of the universe, multiple universes, the far far future, fundamental physics, emergence, and science and religion.

Closer to Truth’s CONSCIOUSNESS episodes encompass the latest discoveries and advances in brain, mind, free will, personal identity, alien intelligence, parapsychology, afterlife, and brain-mind critical thinking.

Closer to Truth’s GOD episodes present the broadest exploration to-date of the philosophy of religion, understanding questions of deity, proofs and disproofs of God, arguments for and against atheism, putative attributes of God, God’s possible action in the world, theological futures, and God-related critical thinking.

Dr. Kuhn’s passionate commitment to uncover the core mysteries of existence and human sentience has culminated in Closer To Truth: Cosmos, Consciousness, God. The author and editor of more than 25 books, Dr. Kuhn holds an A.B. in human biology from Johns Hopkins, a PhD in anatomy/brain research from UCLA, and an M.S. in management from MIT. He is an international investment banker and expert on China who appears regularly on radio and television (e.g., CNBC, Bloomberg), contributes to BusinessWeek and writes a featured column in Chief Executive magazine. An expert himself on the subjects of Cosmos, Consciousness and God, and chairman of The Kuhn Foundation which disseminates new knowledge in science and philosophy, Dr. Kuhn has funneled his passions into Closer To Truth.

“Viewers come along on my journey to find new understandings of ourselves and our world,” says Kuhn. “Our experts are some of the most creative and astute thinkers. The novelty and vigor of their ideas, their open-mindedness and sense of wonder, help frame what science and new knowledge will bring us in the future. Such innovative thinking expands what it means to be human and can help each of us prepare more knowledgeably for the complex choices in life that we have to make.”

Viewers travel with Kuhn around the country, and overseas, exploring Cosmos, Consciousness and God as he visits MIT and Harvard, Caltech and UCLA, Stanford and Berkeley, Oxford and Cambridge, Princeton, Notre Dame, NYU, and as he journeys to the glaciers and hot springs of Iceland for a gathering of cosmologists. Kuhn’s commitment to dissect humankind’s most elemental questions is evident in the engaged and comprehensive approach taken in every episode of Closer To Truth. Exhaustive research, tireless attention to detail and more than two years in production have resulted in the most compelling series of its kind. Kuhn states, “We bring together the world’s most prominent scientists, philosophers and theologians to discern what’s happening at the leading edge of science, philosophy and religion as they directly impact our understanding of existence – Cosmos, Consciousness, God – all as part of humanity’s ancient and ongoing search for meaning and purpose.”

Participants include Nobel Laureates David Gross, Robert Laughin, George Smoot, Steven Weinberg and Frank Wilczek; cosmologists Alan Guth, Paul Davies, Andrei Linde, and Martin Rees; philosophers of mind David Chalmers, Daniel Dennett, Colin McGinn and John Searle; philosophers of religion Alvin Plantinga, Richard Swinburne, Peter van Inwagen, and Keith Ward; and diverse thinkers such as Peter Atkins, Francisco Ayala, Francis Collins, William Lane Craig, William Dembski, Frank Drake, Freeman Dyson, Wendy Freedman, Owen Gingerich, Michio Kaku, Christof Koch, Lawrence Krauss, Ray Kurzweil, John Leslie, Seth Lloyd, Marvin Minsky, Nancey Murphy, Seyyed Hossein Nasr, Roger Penrose, John Polkinghorne, Marliyn Schlitz, Michael Shermer, Houston Smith, Lee Smolin, Leonard Susskind, Charles Tart, Jill Tarter, and Max Tegmark — among more than a hundred magnetic personalities who change how the world thinks.

The Closer To Truth initiative is broadened by a comprehensive website hosting a large archive of extended, exclusive, never-before-seen video dialogues on Cosmos, Consciousness and God. These dialogues, ranging from eight to fifteen minutes in length focus on a single specific question and bring the world’s most current thinking on these provocative subjects to scholars and life-long learners alike.

But as Dr. Kuhn says with a smile, “I do not promise that you will find Ultimate Truth. I do promise that you will be exhilarated…getting Closer To Truth.”

Closer to Truth: Cosmos, Consciousness, God is produced by Grace Creek Media, Robert Lawrence Kuhn and Andrew Walworth, Executive Producers; Peter Getzels, Producer and Director; Christina Mazzanti, Director of Communications. Closer to Truth: Cosmos, Consciousness, God premieres summer 2008. Check local public television standard definition and HD listings.

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