Cruzan Raspberry Rum (55 Proof)

While there have been a number of different flavored alcohols that have pervaded the markets in the last few years, a key problem that has surrounded all of them has been a strong fake flavor of whatever type of fruit that the alcohol is supposed to have included. Thus, an orange flavoring would put the alcoholic drink perilously close to a cough syrup type of flavor. However, the latest offerings by Cruzan (and especially their Raspberry Rum) offer a realistic enough type of fruit flavor to their rum to make for a natural-tasting alcohol. The Raspberry Rum is just one of many flavored rums that runs the gamut from traditional flavors such as Banana, Citrus, and Coconut all the way to more challenging and newer flavors, such as Mango and Guava (the latter of which will be reviewed soon as well). Please note that the flavored rum has less alcohol than a traditional type of rum – the Raspberry Rum clocks in at 55 proof, while the Single Barrel Estate Rum is at a “typical” 80 proof.

However, the lower alcohol content should not dissuade potential purchasers from buying a bottle of Raspberry Rum. The bouquet is a blend of the typical rum with an earthy, realistic note of raspberry. In much the same way, the actual taste of the raspberry rum pushes on the two distinct pieces; where there are still the vanilla notes present in the rum, the tartness of the raspberry makes for a completely different experience than practically any other flavored rum by Cruzan. Drinkers of raspberry rum would do well to do straight shots of the alcohol, but mixed drinks allow for some pretty interesting combination. The back of the Raspberry Rum bottle describes a mixed drink in which a good portion of the Raspberry Rum is blended with lemonade – a 1 to 2 parts mix here makes for a solid type of drink.

Rating: 7.5/10

Cruzan Raspberry Rum / 2008 Cruzan / 55 Proof / /

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